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Who has been a player on your team, that wasn't expected a lot out of?

But has been a pleasant surprise for your team? For us, it has been Juan Uribe. When a player went down to injury, he stepped in and has done a great job for the Giants. Whether he plays at second, short, or third he produces and has some pop in his bat. Glad we signed him in the off-season.

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    You already named Uribe, so I won't touch him, though I do agree with your assessment. I would also add his popularity among the players, and the leadership that he brings to a very young team.

    I also like the Jeremy Affeldt signing. Who, when they signed him, thought that he would be having the year he is having? His ERA is tremendous, and his leadership is amazing.

    Pablo Sandoval was supposed to be good, but not as good as he's been. He is likely the best third baseman this year. Whether or not he continues this remains to be seen, but he has far passed every expectation.

    Nate Shierholtz and Eugenio Velez have both been nice players for the team, too, especially when they were both in their hot streaks. For a month or two, each of them carried the team single-handedly.

    And finally, Barry Zito. I guess with a $126,000,000 contract, nobody should be surprised by a good performance, but nobody was really EXPECTING him to be as good as he has been, dominating, and he should be a lot better than his record indicates, if he had some decent run support.

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    Before I opened the question I thought of the second best power hitter on the Giants Juan Uribe lol. But since you said it I will pick Justin Miller. The guy has pitched great and only has had a couple rough appearences. But he has been a great pitcher in the bullpen.

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    Jorge de la Rosa for the Colorado Rockies

    He was struggling at the beginning of the year, but since June 1st, he is leading the MLB in wins with 13. He has been a pleasant surprise and if he keeps pitching like this, he will be a big help in the stretch run.

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    Jason Bay was a great surprise this season. He was our "Manny-replacement" though we didn't except he'd really be able to replace Manny. He now has the most RBIs and HRs on the team while staying consistent and professional, unlike Manny the drama queen.

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    Probably Marco Scutaro. I don't think the Jays expected amazing things from him, but he's committed only 4 errors all season, and has been having a great offensive year. The best season of his career, great all around.

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    Kendry Morales

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    Absolutely no one. There is no player on the Royals roster (besides Greinke of course) tht has performed above expectations. DeJesus has put up numbers that I expected, but other than that every one else has been a complete failure this year.

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    Fernando Rodney because last season he had horrible control and he was lucky he didn't seriosly hurt anyone and this season he has recorded 30 saves and is one of 4 Tiger players in history that has recorded 30 saves in multiple seasons.

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    Adam Kennedy---consistent hitter. He is batting lead off for us and have been for over two months. I think he is even hitting for the highest average for the A's as a team as well.

    Consideration: Craig Breslow, Andrew Bailey

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