Grade 10 RCM Piano Exam?

So I've been working towards my grade 10 piano exam for about two years, and I haven't gotten so far...

I hardly practice, and my piano teacher is not very demanding and it just seems like she doesn't care much. I mean, she's a good teacher, I guess.., but she doesn't make me motivated to play; I feel like I'm doing the same things every single week.

I know this is really bad.. but, on average, I only practice about 3 days a week for like 45 min. each (or less; I always seem to find excuses not to practise -.-). Ugh! I never have motivation and I'm always so lazy. I really wanted to pass my exam. I'm going to be in grade 11 at school next week, and it's going to be a stressful year so it's going to be more of a burden to find time to practice.

After 2 years of practising grade 10, I can *technically* play all of the songs by memory but haven't mastered them. Also I haven't yet worked on scales/sighreading stuff, etc. =/

I just wanted to know if taking the grade 10 piano rcm exam is worth it. What will I get from it? I've come this far, it just seems like a disgrace to quit. I will feel ashamed of myself. And as much as I feel like quitting, I don't want to quit; I like the piano, but not enough to practise everyday. :( However, since I've been practising the same songs for such a long time, it has gotten so boring and I feel I can't put much emotion into them because they sound so repetitive to me.

(P.S. I'm actually going for an interview for a piano teacher job in 2 days!! I taught piano for about 5 months last year at a small studio, got paid $12 an hour, and got laid off due to the economical situation. So I took a break from teaching, and today I got a call from the manager of a piano studio who looked at my resume.)

Will taking the grade 10 exam benefit me, as a teacher? Like, give me more experience to put on my resume?

I hate examinations. They are so difficult to prepare for, and nervewracking. Sigh.. this is such a depressing decision to make D:

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    It sounds like what you are doing now in your current piano studies just isn't cutting it for you. High school was difficult for me too and I wouldn't have stuck with piano if I hadn't found my repertoire exciting and my teacher very motivating.

    That said.. I do not know your situation with your teacher. Some teachers can only take you so far in your study, but it doesn't mean they are not great teachers. Have you discussed your plans with your teacher about accepting this teaching position? If not, it may be a good idea. In my experience, the RCM exams have not been necessary to further my teaching career. However the thing that has been most important is continuing my own piano study. As a teacher starting out, it is very beneficial to have a mentor teacher. There was a lot I didn't know about piano pedagogy when I started teaching 4 years ago and I'm still learning new information at the present.

    I feel your frustrations about practice time. There are some weeks that

    it seems everyone on this planet has made it their personal mission to distract me from practicing. It is up to you if you want to do this exam or not, but if you're only doing it because you've been studying for the past 2 years then you're doing it for the wrong reasons. As for teaching, if you're planning to do it for the long haul, don't stop improving your piano skills. You can offer so much to your students simply by continuing your own education in your field.

    By the way what are you working on now?? Don't worry ;) If someone's looking to hire you in this recession, you're on the right track!

  • Tony
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    You shouldn't really quit now and say NO to the grade 10 exam- you got your repertoire and studies together right? Well, you only need to work on the technical now (sight reading is a breeze, trust me, if you read unfamiliar scores/ learn new pieces often) technical is actually not that hard- separated by a 3rd and a sixth, two against three, etc.

    It is very recommended if you pass your grade 10, it will be a good thing to add onto your resume- more people will hire you, but ARCT Performer's will be even better!

    If you really want to pass, you need make sure your repertoire/studies are almost errorless- played with logical dynamics, etc. But they stress a lot on the technical too.

    I hope that convinced you quite a bit.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    "please consult the current syllabus" would be an indication that you were playing pieces that RCM grades at a lower level. If you still got a 60 it sounds like your examiners thought you played well but should have played pieces on the syllabus, or others of comparable difficulty. The pieces on the syllabus change every year so if you were using an old syllabus the pieces may have changed. The other possibility is that you just bombed. 60 is the lowest score to pass.

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