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Is it possible to get a faded Gibson V in black?

Whenever I look at photo galleries for guitar sites the faded always has a pic of it in black, even if I know it's always in faded cherry. Is there really a way to get a black Flying V w/o paying $200 more or am I just in a purple haze?

This is an example:

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    No. All the faded stuff that Gibson makes is either Cherry or "Brown" (or whatever its called). That pic looks cherry colored to me, so maybe you have a monitor issue? However, the good thing is it's EASY to re-do the finish on a faded Gibson because you dont have to get any Nitro-Cellulose off (or back on). So just strip it down and have a good carpenter sand off the stain, restain it in black, and out a real super thin urethane non-gloss sealer on it.

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