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EWE: Welcome back 2 tha show, who would win these matches?

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Welcome back to Extreme Wrestling Entertainment and tonight, we are on the Road to our next Pay-Per-View: FULLY LOADED!

Fully Loaded is a Brand-New Pay-Per-View for EWE, coming to you Sunday, September 13 2009, with Title matches including the X Division, World Tag Team, Undisputed, I.C, and World Heavyweight Championship all being defended, this is shaping up to be a great Pay-Per-View Event.

Now onto tonight, tonight we will begin the Road to Fully Loaded with a night of Champions and a night of Extreme Rules. We start the night with the EWE Intercontinental Champion, Y2J Chris Jericho and he will be hosting the Highlight Reel!

Event#1: I.C Champion, Chris Jericho is in the ring hosting the Highlight Reel. Jericho talks about how he beat Christian to regain this Belt for the 2nd-time in EWE. He talks about the fact that he is the ONLY Wrestler ever to hold this Title twice. And he talks about how Christian can whine and complain, but he will not get a Title Match at Fully Loaded and he doesn't care who tells him otherwise.

Then, EWE General Manager Mick Foley comes to the entrance ramp and tells Y2J that he has an idea for tonight. Tonight, Chris Jericho will find a partner and Christian will find a partner and you 2 will go at it in a Tag Team match in the main event. Now, if Y2J wins, then he gets what he wants and doesn't have to defend his Belt at Fully Loaded. But, if Christian or his tag partner wins, then Christian will get a rematch at Fully Loaded in a match of his choice!

For tonight's first match, Matt Hardy and Chris Masters will go 1 on 1 in what may be their final encounter. Who will come out victorious? Let's find out!

1. Matt Hardy vs. Chris Masters

(I will decide the fate of this match for storyline purposes)

During this match: Randy Orton runs into the ring, causing a DQ. Orton RKO's both Hardy and Masters, then grabs a microphone and calls out the Undisputed Champion, Alex Dman. He says that he's coming for the Undisputed Title and the Age of Orton is coming!

Then, as Orton goes to leave the ring, he get's a Venomous face, creeps back into the ring and PUNTS both Matt Hardy and Chris Masters in the head.

Event#2: EWE Broadcaster, Gregory Helms interviews EWE New-Comer, Thomas Rule.

Helms: "Thomas Rule, you just made your EWE Debut last week against The Pope, D'Angelo Dinero. Now, unfortunately for you Dinero won this match and coast you your first 1 on 1 victory. What are you going to do?"

Thomas Rule: "Here's what I'm gonna do. I asked GM, Mick Foley and he gave me a tag team match with XD Champ, Homicide against Dinero and Alex Shelly and Dinero, I promise you will be sorry."

2. Tag Team Match:

Homicide(c)/Thomas Rule vs. D'Angelo Dinero/Alex Shelley

Event#3: Rob Van Dam is in his Locker Room, but he's attacked by Umaga. Apparently, Umaga was sent by EWE Extreme Champion, Mick Foley to attack RVD. This match is a Backstage Locker Room Brawl!

3. Locker Room Brawl: Rob Van Dam vs. Umaga

Event#4: World Tag Team Champion, Batista talks to Ric Flair. He says that Foley put him in a match against Dolph Ziggler? That's not a challenge, I can destroy Ziggler with 1 hand tied behind my back!

Then, Mick Foley walks in and says it's ON! The Animal, Batista will go 1 on 1 with Dolph Ziggler and Batista will have 1 Arm tied behind his back, thanks for the idea Batista! :)

Foley walks off and Batista is pissed.

4. Batista(c) vs. Dolph Ziggler

(during this contest, Batista will have 1 Arm tied behind his back)

Event#5: EWE World Champion, Joey is in his office and says that yet again, Bad@$$ Billy Gunn will fight for a contract in EWE and to do this, he will go 1 on 1 with The Leader of The Ministry, The Undertaker!

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5. Billy Gunn vs. The Undertaker

Event#6: EWE Chairman and World Heavyweight Champion, Joey is once again shown in his office and announces that both Christian and Y2J, Chris Jericho have found partners for the main event which will start right now!

The Intercontinental Champion, Chris Jericho makes his entrance first followed by his mystery partner, he is a Member if The Undertaker's Ministry of Darkness he is VICERA!

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Then, Captain Charisma makes his way to the ring with his Tag Team Partner..........the Rated R Superstar EDGE!

MAIN EVENT: Tag Team match!

Christian/Edge vs. Chris Jericho(c)/Vicera

Vote for who would win these matches and answer the WQ Below!

WQ: Yo, how sick was it when Randy Orton RKO'd Dusty Rhodes on RAW last night? Damn, Cody was pissed!

BQ: So, is the WWE now going to make Cody Rhodes Face? And I thought Ted was also going Face? So, this is officially the end of Legacy and guarantees John Cena's victory at Breaking Point, right? (boo)

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    Homicide and Thomas Rule


    lol at event 4

    Dolph Ziggler

    The Undertaker

    Edge and Christian via DQ as Viscera gets DQ'd, Jericho gets ticked and slaps Viscera, but Viscera slams him in the ring and gives him a thrusting with his weird Sexual finisher (Cant remember what its called, but its weird and sick)

    Great Show


  • Homicide and Thomas Rule win after Thomas Rule pins D'Angelo Dinero.

    Rob Van Dam beats Umaga after interference from The War-Machine, Rhino after Rhino hits Umaga with a Gore and knocks-out The Samoan Bulldozer!

    Dolph Ziggler wins after hitting his finisher on Batista after Batista has his back turned talking to The Nature Boy, Ric Flair.

    The Undertaker beats Billy Gunn in a quick Squash Match after Undertaker Chokeslams Mr. A$$, then Tombstone's him and wins the match.

    Edge and Christian win after Edge hits the Spear on Vicera, then Christian hits the KillSwitch on Chris Jericho and pins Y2J for the victory.


    I think Cody Rhodes is gonna screw Randy Orton in his match on Monday Night Raw this week. I still think Randy Orton will walk out the WWE Champion at Breaking Point.

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    1.matt hardy

    2.thomas rule me dat is





    promo-listen bub i won my deput match i won it i just review dat question and i won and if u not going to play fair i quit but not now if i lose dis match after these people voted for me then i will leave

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    BQ yes

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