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do you think roddick will ever win another grand slam?

i was absolutely devastated when roddick lost in Wimbledon 09 i just want to know if you think roddick will win another grand slam?

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    Hey Collin T guess what Andy Roddick is one year and a little younger than Federer.

    ANyways, Roddick is gonna win the US open 2009, you wait and see. He's worked so hard for another chance at tennis, and now he's a top contendor. It almost paid off at wimbledon, but its gotta pay off here.

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    It pains me to say this -- because I really like Roddick and am one of his fans, and I really wanted/hoped/thought that he would pull off that Wimby win -- but I am not so sure that he will. He has come up short too many times in semis and finals. There will always be a hard mental barrier for him to overcome, and I don't know with his personality if he can do it. He is basically the Phil Michelson of tennis for all you golf fans. He is the sentimental favorite that is a little too human, and can't quite overcome when the occasion presents itself, which is a real tragedy. If Federer & Nadal were not around, Andy might very well have significantly more titles than he does.

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    The problem is he is basically the same age as Roger, so even when Roger retires, even if he keeps playing, he'll have to play Murray, Djokovic, Nadal, etc.

    It's possible, but Roddick was very unlucky to be born in this general generation. If he had improved to the point he is at now he might have been able to challenge Federer when he was at his peak earlier in his career, but now there are even more tough players to go through.

    If he does, it'll be a great day for him.

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    I hope so! I cried when he lost the Wimbledon, but he showed his strength, endurance and speed have returned and he is definitely a top contender in this one! I am rooting for Andy all the way!!!

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    I think he will, even the great Andre Agassi has loads of confidence that he will win a few. :)

    Hopefully he does. :D

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    maybe hes still in his prime so but with nadal its gonna be hard

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    of course, he's gonna win this year's us open.-

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    of course!

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