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North Node/South Node, soul mate connection...?

I heard the Nodes symbolize past lives and in this case, it may be true. His sun conjuncts my North Node and his Moon conjuncts my South Node. Also, his 7th House is in Gemini. My vertex is in Taurus.


Asc. Sagittarius

Sun Pisces 5.51

Moon Virgo 7.36

Mercury Pisces 23.10

Venus Pisces 14.34

Mars Sagittarius 13.04

Jupiter Pisces 0.59

Saturn Sagittarius 9.17

Uranus Sagittarius 21.58

Neptune Capricorn 5.21

Pluto Scorpio 7.17 R

Lilith Taurus 29.48

Asc node Taurus 1.34


Asc. Libra

Sun Cancer 6.15

Moon Sagittarius 8.32

Mercury Gemini 18.27

Venus Gemini 14.52 R

Mars Pisces 21.52

Jupiter Taurus 25.23

Saturn Sagittarius 28.43 R

Uranus Sagittarius 28.44 R

Neptune Capricorn 8.53 R

Pluto Scorpio 9.54 R

Lilith Virgo 4.56

Asc node Pisces 16.48

We have known of each other for the past 11 years. Our first meeting was back when I was in the 6th grade and he was in 8th. I was new there and we had crossed paths a few times throughout the year and I felt close to him in some way but I shook the feeling and let the moment pass me by. I was young. I didn't understand it so I didn't bother to question it and simply went on with my life.

Now, our second meeting - I was 16 then and shopping at the mall with a friend, when him and I both noticed each other from a distance. Totally unexpected. I felt connected to him in more so than I ever have and it was a bit overwhelming how I hadn't thought of him or seen him in all that time, it was pretty intense! Of course, I didn't do anything about it, being that I don't do first moves. So, I left the mall that day and couldn't get him off my mind. I knew in my heart, he was feeling the same exact thing. But I somehow convinced myself I was crazy, for the time being anyway.

Months went by, and I was with my boyfriend at that time and had gotten a job at a family members work. My first day, I see him there. I didn't know what to think! It caught me off guard, completely and I thought to myself, what is going on here?! I truly believed that this was going to be something more than we both have ever anticipated. Turns out, he worked there as well.

We were both talking about each other to the people there; how we had a run-in at the mall and we both showed interest but I was very hesitant with everything. He said often that I was out of his league and he didn't think, someone like me would be interested in him, boy was he wrong. 3 years went by and timing was never our strong point, apparently. But it was a toss up and we exchanged numbers one day. It was difficult from the start.

Now that I am 21 and he is 23 we have been talking for the past 2 years but I've become quite frustrated with our situation. We've had some intense conversations of a future together and I remember, he told me about that day at the mall. How he had a dream about me and then went to the mall for a week to try and find me again. Sadly, timing wasn't on our side then and it hasn't been now either. I feel that if he had run into me again after the incident at the mall, maybe it would be different. But we're both feeling the same thing but I've pushed him away back in May of this year because it's tough to deal with. We both feel that the universe isn't on our side but want each other badly. We're bothe aware that this was destined. How can I hold on, when it seems like timing isn't ever going to be right? I feel he is my soul mate.

I'm sorry, I know this was quite long :\


L, I get what you're saying. I've had a similar experience with someone who entered my life and I knew we would know each other somehow, someday. I never lost faith that it was meant to happen and it did. I had the best time of my life with him, we both learned so much from one another. My view on life was changed forever. Although we aren't in each other's lives how we once were. I felt good about everything. I feel that we came into each other's life for a reason and weren't meant to hold on. He'll always be an important person to me and I'm grateful for the experience. But with my current situation that has been going on for so long, it feels different. I'm not sure I can break free. We're talking right now and no matter what, we just can't seem to let go :\

Missemotion, I'm glad you took the time to answer my question. I really appreciate it. I hope we do grow closer but 8 years is a long time. I guess we'll have to see where this road takes us...

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    WOW.....This made me cry a little bit....because it reminds me soooo much of my own current non - existent relationship with this guy I know. Sadly, I don't know his birthday, so I have know way to do a Birth Chart for him. Luckily, you do though....

    It seems as though you too have a really strong connection, that is in fact quite "fated". The conjunction between his Sun and your North Node is really strong. It's possibility that you two knew each other in a past life....and possibly you two could not be together in that lifetime....I think the reason that you two keep running into each other (better late than never) is because an unknown force ( a spiritual force, a god, whatever you want to call it) is trying to tell you something....that you should be together. It appears as though (obviously) you both have some strong, deep-rooted feelings for each other. He had a dream about you and went to the mall for a week to look for you again...Wow, nobody would ever do this if they didn't care or have strong feelings for that person. I personally believe that you two are fated to be together and obviously you two know that as well. He *is* your SOUL MATE and you *are* his! I think you need to tell him how you feel, because if you don't....this "bad-timing" thing will continue and you two will continue to run into each other over and over again. Eventually, you two could be married (to other people) and have kids, and if you ran into each other and found that out......? Those strong feelings and knowing that you were meant for each other, will "painfully" resurface....and then who knows what will happen? Stop pushing him away when you know that this *destined* relationship was meant to be.... Obviously, you Love this guy....and he loves you back. Don't let fear complicate your life...If you tell him you love him and he tells you that he loves you....the Universe will be on your side. Fear is the main factor here: You're letting your own mind tear you down and trap you. Don't! Fate and Destiny always works out....Don't resist it....because it always finds you....Sooner....or....Later. Just let things happen the way they are meant to happen because right now, it seems as though you are resisting this because you fear what may become of this deep and fated relationship....Just let go and let the Universe take care of everything. When you open up and let go....timing will be perfect!

    ***L is for Lucky could be right....I'm not too familiar with the North & South Nodes, so who knows???..... I know they deal with past lives, but when it comes to synastry....I'm not the best person....Sorry!

    This is what I found: When your Moon conjuncts your partner's South Node, the attraction is instant. You immediately feel safe, secure, and comfortable in each other's presence. Intuitively, you sense similarity in each other's emotional reactions to the world, and in your mutual needs for security. At some point in time, the South Node person may get a sense that the Moon person is holding him or her back in some way. There is much safety and comfort in the relationship, and the emotional bond is tremendous, but the bond doesn't carry with it a sense of moving forward. In fact, you may tend to cocoon yourselves and fall back on familiar routines rather than take on new adventures together. You may have such an effect on each other as to exaggerate each other's mood swings and desire for safety. If anyone of the two "outgrows" the relationship, it will more than likely be the South Node person. However, the attachment is great and there will be a feeling of emotional indebtedness to each other, particularly on the part of the South Node person. There is a great deal of sympathy between the two of you, and these feelings come naturally.

    But, I Hope this Helps......

    Source(s): Tropical Aries/Sidereal Pisces....who *feels* your pain...
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    Some say there isn't such a thing as a soul mate. A soul mate has to be trained and molded into that ideal person. Of course, others say that you'll just know when you've met your soul mate. Soul mate is a term sometimes used to designate someone with whom one has a feeling of deep and natural affinity, friendship, love, intimacy, sexuality, spirituality and/or compatibility. Another definition states that a soul mate is an individual who complements the other in the eternal marriage bond. In any case, love and choice is definitely involved in the pursuit of the perfect soul mate. Choice is incredibly important in searching for that perfect someone and staying in love. Even though you may feel like you've found your soul mates, there will be days when you begin to have doubts. That's when love plays an important part, but choice plays an even bigger part in the relationship. When you have that big fight or you didn't realize that he had so many issues, then you'll have to decide if you will continue to love and support your mate or pack your bags and run for the hills. The decision that you make is not necessarily based on the fact that you're in love, but the fact that you choose to love this person no matter what. Don't get me wrong, I would never suggest you stay in an abusive relationship. I'm talking about life. So, in my estimation, the definition of soul mate is: Choosing to work at your relationship/marriage 24/7. Laughing together, sharing each other's disappointments, praying for each other, spending quality time together and continually learning about each other.

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    The moon conj South node is more in line with past life connections than the sun to NN aspect. He has come back to support your developmental efforts.

    Notice the Saturn and Moon connections, too. His Saturn is direct, yours is retrograde, both in Sag, and your moon is in Sag. You're life path is a focus for this lifetime. The retrograde is significant in that it describes a restriction in the past life; perhaps, since it's in Sag, there was a restriction based on religion in your past life.

    Some times you weren't meant to hold on. Sometimes soul mates come into your life to teach you when and how to let go, to learn that you can recover and live in a life detached from them, as an independant person. Sometimes they come into your life for a time to work on a common goal or process, only to move on and leave you when that goal is accomplished.

    Your Asc Node in Pisces encourages acceptance and suplication to this process. The more you fight it, the harder it's going to be to learn the lesson, whatever that might be for this relationship.

    I know, it sucks, especially when the pull is so strong and you just KNOW you two were meant to be..but sometimes it's not intended to work out for that very reason.

    Source(s): NN in Pisces speaks from experience.
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    Yes, there is a connection .. Rahu is considered as North Node in Vedic Astrology..

    it depend on the condition of the Moon. Weather Moon is waxing or waning. If waxing Moon then it is good or it is waning Moon then it is not good.

    Hope this is helpful..

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    You both have shared two past lives together.The most recent 1700's Minnesota.

    You were to marry But did not due to His Death from fever.

    He Must find a balance within his spirit and often is unsure of himself.

    Things can work out,But the timing Is not right.

    You will begin to Grow closer In 8 years.

    God Bless

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    Source(s): Name Meanings in Numerology
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