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Hello Can some one please help me. I need help with a geography riddle please?

Today, the first cards have arrived. After supper, your neighbors gather outside and start passing the cards around. You and Pat take a look at them. There are no pictures! One side of each is blank except for an address. The other side has a handwritten message, but no cities or countries are named. From what city and country did the Wiltons write each postcard? Hint: Use an atlas and encyclopedia to find the answers. A dictionary might help too.

The cards read as follows:

Sept 12: Hi, everybody! Guess where we are? That's right, we want you to guess. Here's a clue: We've spent two days in the largest city of this island country. Must dash-Big Ben says it's time for lunch!

Sept 14: What country are we in now? A really beautiful one. We sailed through a fjord and hiked on a glacier yesterday. Now we're in the capital, once named after King Christian IV.

Sept 18: Traveled south and arrived today in the town associated closely with Hans Christian Andersen. Weather here a bit rainy, but we're having too much fun to care!

Sept 22: Just flew to this place on the Main River; it's Hesse's largest city. We enjoyed touring the Romer, a town hall built in the 1400s!

Sept 23: Now have firsthand proof that the Jungfrau is the loveliest mountain in the Alps. Right now, we're in the capital of this country.

Sept 24: Through Brenner Pass to Europe's leading cultural center. Breathtaking city! Also home of Johann Strauss, Jr., and the waltz.

Sept 26: Gondolas are the way to go! Most of the people living here use motorboats, though. Right now, we're taking a break in the Piazza San Marco.

Oct 1: We're starting the last leg of our trip. Good thing! We're on our last legs! We sailed between Corsica and Sardinia to this Mediterranean port in the second-largest country in Western Europe. We're about 75 miles south of the French border, but we're not in France!

Oct 3: Spending our last day in western-most country of continental Europe. We fly home from its capital tonight. See you soon!

From what city and country did the Wiltons write each postcard? Hint: Use an atlas and encyclopedia to find the answers. A dictionary might help too

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    12) London, Britain

    14) Oslo, Norway

    18) Denmark, Copenhagen

    22) Frankfurt, Germany

    23) Bern, Switzerland

    24) Vienna, Austria

    26) Venice, Italy

    1) Barcelona, Spain

    3) Lisbon, Portugal

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