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Family Portrait Studios?

My husband, i and are son are wanting to get some professional Portraits done. These will be our first family pictures taken professionally. My son got some done right before his 1st birthday. They were done at Olan Mills. The place we went to was very cramped, and they didn't have much "props", but the overall experience was good.

My question is, have you gone to get any portraits done elsewhere, and what was the experience, and price range, wait time for pictures, etc.


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    1 decade ago
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    They are all different. I recently too my Granddaughter for her and I to get some photos done and I was told it went by how many photos you want, how many proofs you have done and how many "sittings" you do. I had one at Olan Mills and had the exact same experience as was in a mall and I was not happy with the experience and truthfully it was worth the $55 more that it cost me to get better pictures in a much more relaxed atmosphere with much better props and choices.

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