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Any Boxers here think Muay Thai is the most overrated striking martial art?

So anyny MMA fans think Muay Thai is the best striking style I personally think it is extremely overrated.Here is why:

1)Muay Thai fighters kick so slow compared to other striking styles such as Savate and Tae Kwon Do

2)The footwork in Muay Thai is horrible!It is so slow and lacks the decisiveness and slippery quick movements of boxing ans Savate.

3)Muay Thai fighters are absolutely horrible punchers.Even American kickboxers punch harder and faster than them

4)Muay Thai fighters have weakly developed defenses against punches.Although they specialize in elbow strikes which are harder than punches,a punch is much quicker and less predictable than an elbow strike.So if an average Muay Thai fighter fought an average boxer,the MT fighter would get slaughtered in punching range because they lack proper knowledge and defense techniques against punching.

5)While most MMA fans brag aroound how Muay Thai is the ultimate striking MA and best self defense style,I disagree.Muay Thai is designed primarily for one on one fighting.not multiple opponents.If a Muay Thai fighter got jumperd by 5 men,he would be in deep **** because of the slow speed he strikes.

6)Additionally,Muay Thai doesn't teach how to defend against weapons or worst case scenarios such as being cornered the way Krav Maga and Sambo does.

I really think MMA fans overrate muay Thai.MMA fans keep bragging how all martial arts except BJJ are useless and for ******* and that Muay Thai fighters will easily crush any Special forces soldiers such as Israeli commando and Spetsnaz.MMA fans keep bashing other MMA styles that equally if not more powerful striking styles such as Savate and Karate.Savateurs,Boxers,TKDists,Karateka,Shaolin Monks,Israeli commandos,and Spetsnaz could strike MUCH MUCH HARDER and MUCH MUCH Faster than even the best Muay Thai fighters could(Both Europeans and Thai)!Muay Thai is so overrated!

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    Muay Thai sucks!Sambo,krav Maga,Special Forces Combatives,and savate beats Muay Thai!Seriously most MMA fans overrate like its the best martial arts but its not!Savateurs have again and again easily beaten the best Muay Thai Champions!

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    A few Nak Muay have traveled the world and successfully competed against other martial arts in competitions and mind you, usually under THEIR rules, so with a disadvantage for the Nak Muay.

    So I don't know what you are talking about. There is no "best" martial art but you seem like a biased hater, not an objective observer or even an experienced practitioner.

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    you talk about how great krav maga is but you know at UFC 10 an Israeli krav maga expert fought Mark Coleman when Coleman was a extremely one-dimensional wrestler Mark Coleman and Coleman beat the living day lights out of him.

    Muay-thai is a great art. Average boxer would get killed by leg kicks of a Muay-thai fighter. Kick boxers keep a bigger distance than boxers cause you kick you have to make a little bit more space. I actually seen fights between average boxers vs average Muay-thai fighters boxers end up losing cause they dont know who to defend the leg kicks and sometimes i seen boxers duck right into a muay-thai clinch.

    i would agree that usually boxers have better hands and better head movement than muay-thai fighters. But boxers should have better hands because thats all they got.

    I dont like it when people proclaim that muay-thai is the greatest striking martial art but i dont like it when the make stupid untrue comments about muay-thai.

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    As a boxer..I recently joined an MMA gym because our boxing gym got shut down. I practiced Muay Tai for about 6 weeks. I have to give respect to Muay tai. The workouts that we went thru were extreme. Boxing is my number 1 love for fighting but I give Muay Tai fighters alot of respect. Try it out you may enjoy it! Good luck

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  • i have tons more respect for practitioners of Muai Thai, a sport that goes waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back, well over a thousand years.

    I think those dudes who roll around on the canvas in that non-sport that is MMA are overrated. If I wanted to see two dudes beating the stupid out of each other, I would go down to a local bar after 10 PM and see two drunk dudes throw down.

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    Get those real Thai Boxers in Thailand, who kill each other for money. And we'll see if a professional mma fighter can beat him.

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