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Complete this sibling set (girl names)?

Eloise, Hazel, *blank* and *blank*.

What two other names would you use to complete the sibling set?



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    Eloise and Hazel were at their popular peaks in the 1915 - 1930 range. They scream "Roaring Twenties teenagers" and yet translate perfectly to a little girl, without seeming to grandma-ish or inappropriately dated.

    Thus, I'd suggest the following names with a similar vibe:

    -- Eloise, Hazel, Vera & Olive

    -- Eloise, Hazel, Caroline & Ada

    -- Eloise, Hazel, Nellie & Cora

    -- Eloise, Hazel, Adeline & Ivy

    -- Eloise, Hazel, Lucy & Violet

    -- Eloise, Hazel, Catherine & Della

    -- Eloise, Hazel, Natalie & Celia

    -- Eloise, Hazel, Isla & Maren

    I must say, I think the best combination is Eloise, Hazel, Adeline & Ivy. Della is a cool nickname for Adeline, as is Lola for Eloise. Or you would go with Addie for Adeline, which sounds Victorian also.

    Good luck!

  • Ari
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    Eloise, Hazel, Mariella and Lilliana

    Eloise, Hazel, Naomi and Laila (Lay-luh)

    Eloise, Hazel, Celia and Marnie

    Eloise, Hazel, Amelia and Eva

    Eloise, Hazel, Libby and Anna

    Eloise, Hazel, Georgia and Adelyn

    Eloise, Hazel, Shannon and Lucy

    Eloise, Hazel, Isabella and Olive

    Eloise, Hazel, April and Isla (Eye-lah)

    Eloise, Hazel, Zoe and Jane

  • Eloise Hazel Lois and Natalia

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    Eloise, Hazel, Cosette and Evelyn

    Eloise, Hazel, Audrey and Elena

    Eloise, Hazel, Aurelie and Hadley

    Eloise, Hazel, Audra and Renee

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago




    and Sakura




    and Julienne




    and Lilly

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    Eloise, Hazel, Elizabeth & Harmony.


  • 1 decade ago

    Eloise, Hazel, Jayda(pronounced J-DUH), Allie or Allison

    Source(s): Me! :)
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    Eloise, Hazel, Mildred and Ruth.

    also Elanor or Wilma

  • 1 decade ago

    Eloise Amélie/Sophia/Angelica/Angelina/Aileen/Dayann

    Hazel Avani/Dianne/Oriana/Ailani/Alanna/Amani/Camila/Dannielle

    Source(s): Hope it helps...!
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Eloise, Hazel, Madelyn, and Shiloh

    Hope this helps :)

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