Difference b/w a certified document and notarized document.?

What is the difference between a certified document and notarized document. The DMV people say, certified is different from notarized.

Appreciate your answers.

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    Certified generally means that the issuing entity (like a court clerk) "certifies" that it is a true copy of an official document and places an official (often embossed) seal on the document.

    A Notary generally confirms only that a signature was made in their presence, and that the person had an i.d. But, just to make life interesting, Notaries can attest that a copy is a true copy, and court clerks can also be Notaries.

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      Under Oath, In Testimony If You Give Your Name On A Sworn State (Full Legal Name) It Has To Be True And Correct" / not different from the statement

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    A notarized document is a document witnessed and attested to by a notary public. A certified document isn't anything in particular. There's nothing specific that makes something certified vs. not certified. Different things are required for something to be certified in different contexts. A certified birth certificate, for instance, is a copy of the certificate with the signature of the registrar and a raise seal.

    What specifically is the problem you're having with the DMV?

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    A "Certified" document can only be done by an authority with the power to certify like the county clerk-recorder. A notarized document contains the signature witnessed by the Notary after sufficient proof of one's identity. A notary can also do a Jurat which is a sworn statement under oath that one's statement that the document is a true copy. A Notary can certify a copy of a power of attorney if and only if that copy was made from an original document in his/her presence.

    Source(s): Notary Public State of California
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    A notary is basically a Professional Witness. When you sign a document and have it notarized, the notary is swearing that your ID has been verified. You can get any document notarized that YOU sign.

    A certified document is one that is printed by someone else, and has been certified as true by a government entity. A copy of a birth certificate is meaningless as anyone can alter one and then zerox it to hide the alterations. Certified means that a raised government seal has been stamped on it. While it can be copied, the seal won't copy with it.

    You can also place verified documents of your own on file with a courthouse. That way, if you ever lose it, you can get a certified copy from the courthouse that it's a legitimate copy.

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    Certifying Documents Wa

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    Only a notary public. Getting your lyrics notarized would do you no good. The purpose of a notarized document is to document that those signing a document are who they say they are. You're looking for a copyright.

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    Having your lyrics notarized will do NOTHING for you legally. If you really care about preserving your intellectual property rights, file for a copyright.

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