Why can't the Palestinians & Jews live without separation just like here in the U.S.?

When I say without separation I mean no palestinian no Israeli state none of that nonsense. Meaning both Palestinians and Jews can live in any part of Palestine not like today where Palestinians are only allowed to live in Jerusalem, West Bank and Gaza strip and Jews can live anywhere they choose. Palestine should be more like America like how Hispanic, Asian, Arab, African american live together in harmony all of them sharing the American Dream. But to bad those thick headed Zionists oppose it and they have control. I am sure that if the non-Zionist Jews control Palestine they would form country of union like how America is which is a country of union. Meaning that Both Arabs & Jews can live anywhere in Palestine.

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    So, let me make sure I am CLEAR about what you suggest.

    You want Arabs and Jews to be able to have the same rights anywhere in Palestine? Are you referring to the lands that were called Palestine during Ottoman rule and turned over to become British Mandate Palestine?

    BTW..this desire does NOT have to come at the destruction of the legitimate democracy of Israel that grants religious freedom to it's citizens.

    However, your desire means that 80% of Palestine that is now called Jordan that has not permitted Jews to be citizens would have to change that law and also stop discrimation to Jewish tourists who are "caught" with any Jewish ritual object, such as a prayer shawl.


    The Jordanian 1954 law on nationality EXCLUDES Jews specifically from becoming citizens and Jewish tourists are routinely even denied entry into Jordan, one of two Arab countries to have signed a peace treaty with Israel. Israel has Muslim Arabs as citizens with rights and has laws that protect their rights to their holy places.

    and another 2% of Palestine, that the British ceded to the French in 1920 and became the country now called Syria. In 1944, after Syria gained independence from France, the new government prohibited Jewish immigration to Palestine, and severely restricted the teaching of Hebrew in Jewish schools. Attacks against Jews escalated, and boycotts were called against their businesses.

    When partition was declared in 1947, Arab mobs in Aleppo devastated the 2,500-year-old Jewish community. Scores of Jews were killed and more than 200 homes, shops and synagogues were destroyed. Thousands of Jews illegally fled Syria to go to Israel.

    As of today, in an area that had previously had a significant Jewish presence for 2,500 years..there are less than two dozen Jews left in Damascus.

    Let's be clear about what you suggest please.

    Source(s): http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/anti-s... http://jewishrefugees.blogspot.com/2009/04/how-syr... < Please read this, too. The 4,500 Syrian Jews who left in 1992 were permitted to flee persecution in Syria ONLY if they did not relocate to Israel! http://jewishrefugees.blogspot.com/2006/04/jews-of...
  • The answer is pretty obvious isn't it ?

    I'm of 'Indian descent' , but born and bred in the UK.

    Those who drive politics and push foward their agendas will create the setting for which its people will be governed by and be living in.

    The government of Israel is a very hard lined one, and essentialy the law of the land is also infused with a lot of religious (jewish) ideaology let us not forget that.

    Now my knowledge about territorial aquisition, and the ruling forces within them is a little 'hazy', but one of the reasons they can't live without seperation (the palestinians) is because of the ruling party and parliamentarians in power right now - HAMAS.

    Hamas in turn are being given money, weapons and support by the likes of ... gotta be careful here, cos if i name some nations and they aren't supporting hamas im screwd lol. But pick any number of the neighbouring arab countries around Isreal, i'm pretty sure they all support Hamas one way or another.

    Iran and Syria being perhaps their two strongest staunch supporters.

    Now the other the reason why the Palestinian People cannot live alongside Jewish people under a nation given an entirely NEW name (not israel or palestine) is because they are a propaganda tool and are puppets, they are the very tools with which to fight a war against Israel and the zionist movement.

    I think there are some key players in this issue who provide rockets to hamas but no money to build an infrastructure of hospitals, schools, and other beneficial means with which to steer the people of Palestine into a more promising future and position.

    Keep providing them rockets but give them no means to build a future - this will leave them forever at odds with the Israelis. Mean but fair, if you want to keep the war against Israel going.

    Just a quick question - given how much wealth the arab states accumulate from oil revenue (so collectively, if we take kuwait, saudi arabia etc thats $trillions ) an intelect would argue that give the palestinians just 1 billion in aid, and you will solve almost all the humanitarian problems of Palestinians.

    No more refugee issues, they can built schools, hospitals, roads, etc etc

    don't see anybody doing that , but i see many providing them fuel to add to the fire heh.

    Also maybe the USA wants to keep a non-islamic state in the middle east, as a strategic ground from which to keep the rebelious, naughty arab states in check ?

    a base from which to not only engage in proxy wars with the middle eastern rogue states but also a base from where to monitor them. So it makes sense why the US wants to ensure the existence of Israel till kingdom come.

    the problem is the buldozing of homes and anexation of land in the gaza strip and west bank which creates palestinian refugees.

    This creates bitternes, animosty and certainly a desire to NOT co-exist with the jewish people.

    The USA is demographicaly, geographicaly, socialy and cultuarly a totaly different WORLD compared to Israel and the palestinian populated lands. Its N.America not the middle east.

    The history of its land and people is different to the USA, so that is another reason why Palestinians/Arabs live alongside with Jews in America today - because they are raised in an environment which is not the middle east etc.

    Thats pretty much what I wanted to say in my answer. Great question b.t.w.

  • Where are you getting this idea that Arabs aren't allowed to live in Israel itself? I think you need to check your sources for bias. Israel itself has an Arab population that is something like 24% of its total, including 1/10th of the sitting members of Parliament. There are resident Arabs who have refused to accept Israeli citizenship.

    In contrast, Jewish residents were relocated from the Gaza Strip in 2005.

    Only 2% of Jordan is non-Arab. I can't find info on whether Jews are allowed to become citizens, but obviously that number can't possibly be large. Jordan comprises 7/8ths of the Mandate territory (itself a 19th century construct without historical basis).

    It's not the Jews who are refusing to share.

    The problem is the refusal of its Arab neighbours to accept a Jewish-majority state in their midst. A state which was made necessary by the anti-Jewish violence which accompanied the rise in Arab nationalisms that occurred after the dismantling of the relatively tolerant Ottoman Empire. Many Arabs throughout the mid east weren't happy to have Jewish neighbours and then got nasty when the neighbours moved with hope of finding safety. If they would simply accept a Jewish-majority state, none of this would be a problem.

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    Depends on the laws in force at the time. Anyone can be forced out of thier home, even in the most open societies. In the US, for instance, your local government can use imminent domain to take your land, or can declare your dwelling unfit for human habitation, and remove you from it. If a neighborhood becomes a flashpoint for violence, and a resultant martial-law crackdown, I'd expect a lot of people to leave rather than stay. Though it'd technically be by choice, I can see how the situation would, indeed by forcing them out.

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    I see you're not familiar w/ the source of the conflict. Jews, Muslims and Christians all share Jerusalem as a holy place. This is not easy to solve, obviously near every solution has been tried.

    So no, you cannot ever have people live in a tiny city together like the various races of America. We're not talking about race here, this is religion.

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    Two peoples Two nations. Why can't Jews have self-determination & stop leaving under other people's rule?

    Arab Muslims have 22 countries. Palestinians have Jordan, Syria, Egypt, parts of Lebanon. They can let Israel be.

    This whole idea of one state is part of the war to wipe out Israel. Rather literally, it was generated as a way to create "right of return" which is about getting rid of Israel because (by the generator's views) the whole Middle East should be Arab Muslim ruled.

    The whole problem with Israel was that the Arab Muslim leadership at the time hoped to create a empire in the greater region & Israel was a real thorn in that side (refer to speeches & literature at the time). Even creating the idea of "Palestinians" was all about wiping out Israel. The PLO charter says this & says they are the same as the Arabs in the area.

    This is why Hamas's leadership is in Syria (Mashaal) & they came from the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. This is why PLO under Arafat attacked Jordan to take over & create their greater empire (didn't work out) against the Hashomites. Ask the Kurds & Armenians - it's the same problem getting self-rule they have. It's why no other Arab or Muslim country will let Palestinians immigrate except Jordan, & in places like Lebanon are kept in refugee camps with job restrictions.

    The Palestinian people are fed this & kept riled up at Israel as a result of this & it's a shame because it's harming their own lives & futures.


    That model you have is a false parallel. Americans immigrate to a collective melting pot knowning they are subjugating to that whole. No place else in the world are people asked to melt together after already being separate. And those Palestinians you are talking about integrating have been waging war. What country is asked to absorb those who aim to destroy it? Only makes sense if you agree with Arab ideology that Israel as non-Arab Muslim is not allowed to exist - it's yet another way to destroy it. Gee, we'll solve the war. We'll give you to your enemy, then they'll finally be happy & stop fighting you - when you are gone.

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    arab israelis can live where ever they want to in israel. but as with other people, arab israelis like to live with other arab israelis and jewish israelis like to live with other jewish israelis. likewise with the israeli christians.

    on that civil note, the way i really think is that the arabs have 30 something different countries. we have a country smaller that rhode island. leave us alone and get off our land!

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    I agree with Danny. I'm not Arab but I honestly don't see what is the difference between Israelis and the terrorists they fight.

    I mean doesn't Israel already have TWO prime minsters that were accused of corruption?

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    Very simple . They can however Hamas the illegal terror group will not allow Israel to exist. Hence their daily missiles at the Israeli children. Very very simple.

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    "If the Arabs put down their weapons, there would be peace. If the Israelis put down their weapons, there would be no Israel."


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