What are the true underlying reasons why foreigners (non-Filipino) choose to stay and live in the Philippines?

I admire those Yappers who I believe are foreigners (non-Filipino) and are frequenting Yahoo Answers Philippines, and from their own statement and answers, they are Americans or from some other countries. They are giving answers which are civilized and calculated, and not provocative. They do not belittle us Filipinos and they give truthful and constructive comments without engaging in downgrading us. I am not patronizing them, but I find them participative and are enthusiastic in exchanging ideas among us.

I appreciate their decision to stay and live in the Philippines. Aside from being assigned in the Philippines to work, what are your reasons? If you are married to a Filipina, you have a choice of living in your country of origin, but why Philippines? Is it because of the lower cost of living or what? Do you find it better to live with Filipinos than with your own countrymen? What really are your underlying reasons?

I hope you will not find this question offensive to your sensibilities.

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    1. My wife is from the Philippines and we live very near to her family.

    2. My country of origin is the USA. I am retired US Navy. We live very comfortably here on my military retirement pay alone and I have acess to good healthcare providers that accept my insurance.

    3. The people are mostly friendly, hospitable and english speaking.

    4. Tropical climate, many beautiful beach and inland resorts.

    5. It's very easy and inexpensive to get a spousal visa.

    Source(s): USN Retired, Married and living in the Philippines since 2002.
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    @Tokyo lurker- So true.

    I know what you mean about that friend of yours.

    ITAY OBET, I am a pure Pinay, but let me have a chance to participate

    in your Q. I have foreigner friends telling me, Filipina wives are great! Sure, they are. And Im mighty proud of that. Some foreigners I know told me all those reasons the participants before me (above) has stated. HATS OFF to most of them for saying nice things about our beloved Philippines!!!

    Im still residing in another country where I acquired my permanent residence status. Though I can go back anytime to Pinas, I chose to stay here, abroad, while my kids are students. But, once I get cold and colder and colder in winter time, that time, I know that I have to make a choice... (ang babaw! lol!) No seriously, I love it there, but I dont have any other choice.

    I enjoy the beaches and warm Pinoy attitude. Even if I were a foreigner, I would choose Philippines as my 2nd home,too.

    Pinoy by blood and Pinoy by heart, will remain Pinoy til death.

  • Sammie
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    1 decade ago

    I'm a Filipino and I have a Korean friend who's studying here... According to her, it's because of the low cost of living most especially that she wants to learn English and the education is cheaper here... Furthermore, investing in our country is also easy for foreigners with reasonable amount of money since most companies in the Philippines are dependent on foreign currencies...

    Source(s): My professors =)
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    I live in the Philippines because of the incredible personal freedom of the country. There is no "nanny" state here, I treat others with respect and they return that respect. I admire the will to make a living out of nothing and as far as I am concerned, my native UK resisdents can learn a lot from ingenious filipinos.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    If you don't like being belittled, then you might want to consider asking a question that addresses key issues rather than stimulating the obvious and answers you "like hearing". Just because you don't like the answers, doesn't mean they're innaccurate.

    eg: What on earth is Philippines not doing that deters foreign immigration from individuals below 30, instead of the common labor-exploiting OLD sugar daddies you find here? (I'll bet you'd get a more thorough list of answers with that)

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    I am a permanent resident from U.S. happily married to my Filipina wife. I would choose Philippines anyway, but life with my wife is great. I enjoy friendly smiling people who I respect and show respect to me. Great place to play pool, my favorite passtime. Beautiful scenery, reasonable cost of living, great weather, good shopping, and a thousand other reasons as well. If you don't like the Philippines, that is your choice, but I love it, and don't want to live anywhere else.

  • Fizz
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    1 decade ago

    well, i first came to the philippines because i was seriously injured in a previous job and needed to recuperate. it was snowing at home and i really wanted to find someplace warm where i could swim a few times a day and get back into shape. this was during the big SARS scare and airfare and hotel accomodations made it actually cheaper to fly to the philippines than to go someplace warm in the USA.

    when i was there i realized a business opportunity i had in america would be complemented by inexpensive labor in the philippines. i also met a few nice girls while there and would enjoy spending more time with them.

    so the reasons i stay in the philippines are:

    1. warm weather

    2. low cost of living

    3. very pretty girls

    4. cheap labor for my business

    5. cheap firearms

    Source(s): (ok, just kidding about the last one)
  • 1 decade ago

    I have heard the weather there is beautiful and the people are generally friendly. I've heard this from travelers, those married to natives of the Philippines and US Servicemen.

    I've also had college friends from around southeast Asia; the culture of politeness and calm demeanor (overall) appears to be better than any other part of the world.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I spend all my income here. I would spend it all in America or Europe. It doesn't matter to me about money. I love my little wife and here she is a Queen and knows how to handle anything.

    In America she would be alone in a strange land where she suddenly isn't in charge anymore.

    The weather here is much like home and living is easy. I know someday we will have to go back to America for the Dr's. Until then I choose to live in this beautiful land and with these beautiful people who are among the friendliest in the world.

    I love it here.

  • 1 decade ago

    im planning to go back t philippines too maybee next five yrs, yeah cheap beach house with a million dollar view,big market,lots of people good for food industry,im planning to have a tavern or a club,theres liquor everywhere,i remember when i was 11 i only buy alcohol in our neighbor sari sari store, no id required,miss being a tambay,see if theres any new girl's in the neighborhood,miss playing basketball,every summer we have a basketball league in our village,i miss the simple life, ryt now i live in a beach condo here in kits vancouver,bc, but **** i work like a slave,i only have an hour to enjoy all i have and spend a whole day working,thats not really healthy. i miss all the filipino back home in muntinlupa, most filipino here in canada are weird,not as cool as we are from manila,im not hating my own people,im proud of them,anywhere in canada we filipino shine, maybee its just the stressfull life here,its so nice to dream about going back home, for me its my first and last paradise on earth

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