size difference between 305 and a 350?

They say a 305 fits better in a chevy S10 than a 350,but if you set them side by side they are the exact same size

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    Exactly the same on the outside.

    And don't listen to John T about the drivetrain.

    " We put a 1989 350 TPI into this 1985 4X4 S10 Blazer for a magazine article. As you can see, it's a tight fit. Due to space limitations, cooling is the biggest problem with the V8 S-10 conversions, especially on the 4X4 models. A lot of information in the cooling system chapter came from this conversion. This conversion took two very long weeks to complete.

    We installed an NOS® nitrous oxide system, and ran it in the quarter mile. In 4-wheel-drive high-range, it ran 13.7 at 95 mph with 235/75-15 Goodyear All Terrain tires. Without the nitrous, it runs 15.2 at 88 mph. Remember, this is a 4-wheel-drive with skid plates and heavy off-road tires. It weighs 3900 lbs. What amazed most people is that the stock axles and transfer case handled the power without breaking. To further demonstrate how strong these parts are, we chained the truck to an immovable object (otherwise known as a one-ton crew cab dualie) and smoked all four tires. The tires actually dug holes in the asphalt."

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    305 and 350 are both built off of the "small block" chevy V8. A 305 is also called a 5.0 liter and a 350 is a 5.7 liter. 350 makes more power if that is what you are going after, and it occupies the same space.

  • John T
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    1 decade ago

    They are the same block, Rich. The 350 is easier and cheaper to build up, since more aftermarket parts are available.

    So you are going to shoe horn a 350 into an S-series pickup?

    Will your drive train take the added power? Remember your trannie, driveshaft, rear end were made foe a 2.5 liter. To do this job right, it takes a lot more than dropping in the V8 on new motor mounts.

    If your drive train isn't up to the task, you'll have to grannie it everywhere and ; what's the point?

    The right way to hot rod this truck would be:

    Ford 9" differential

    Chevy 350 or 400 Auto-trans

    Custom driveshaft

    I don't mean to discourage you in this project but you drive train will only take a mild output V8 as is.

    And don't forget the front end...The springs, suspension parts, etc. need to be beefier for the heavier engine.

    Also, you may have problems getting the steering to clear the new engine.

    And of course you,ll need a new radiator with better crossflow/capacity.

    There is a lot more to consider than which V8 to drop in the engine bay.

    I do applaud the guts it takes to tackle a project of this nature.

    Good luck...JT

    Catmandew-I too, am amazed the stock drivetrain held up..particulary the transfer case.-JT

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    "They" don't know what they are talking about. Same block, different guts. The 305 is performance wise, a piece of junk. The 350 and 400 have nearly unlimited potential.

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  • 1 decade ago

    external physical size is the same, Internal air volume capacity in cubic inches is what the 305 and 350 numbers mean. By the way, when you say "They say" who the hell is They?

  • Steve
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    1 decade ago

    Like others have already said, they're the same size. "They" might be talking about compatibility with the rest of the truck though. The extra power that comes with the 350 will make a new transmission and rear-end a must do.

  • 1 decade ago

    Same block. no diffy

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