World of Warcraft DPS information?

Does anybody know where I can find a chart or something that tells me recomended dps for the lvl 80 heroics. Or who could tell me the ones they know? thanks

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    First off, you probably already know this, but you’re going to want to get a damage meter. I’m a big fan of Recount myself because it’s easy to use, reasonably reliable at a decent distance from other people, and gives you lots of information. (You can even click on yourself on the meter and it will break down your own abilities for you: What abilities are doing the most damage for you, and how often you are critting or missing.)

    Second, DPS is different in certain encounters and in certain heroics. In a heroic where there is a lot of AOE, I’ve seen paladin tanks out DPS the damage classes on a few pulls, even though those DPS classes weren’t sucking (and were doing more damage on the non-AOE pulls).

    There is one boss (the “water boss”) in Violet Hold that breaks apart and summons lots of little water adds. The water adds are then killed by activating a switch, rather than DPS. So even the highest DPS person on the fight might only have 300-500 DPS…and that’s for a successful killing of that boss, not a wipe.

    For a lot of heroics, my hunter is around 2.5k DPS on average, for the course of the entire run. But in a raid tank and spank fight, I can get up to 4k DPS, which is quite a bit of a difference.

    One thing in particular that is useful is to test your DPS for several minutes on a heroic target dummy. This will allow you to get your basic DPS down pat with no buffs except self-buffs that come with your class. The heroic test dummy is like a bench-mark test because it’s the same for everyone, as opposed to some heroics that have lots of AOE, or weird bosses that reduce your damage due to the mechanics of the fight (like the “water boss” mentioned before).

    It should be noted that heroic target dummies require more hit rating…they are harder to damage than a regular level 80 dummy. Use the heroic one as your bench mark DPS test. It’s like they are a raid boss (equivalent of level 83).

    If you can do 1.5k DPS on a heroic target dummy, you’re probably just good enough to contribute to 5-man heroics.

    If you can do 2k DPS on a heroic target dummy, you’re generally going to be valuable to 5-man heroics.

    If you can’t do 1.5k DPS and your gear is good, check out the official WoW forums, elitist jerks, or even Google your class, to get the proper rotations, etc, to damage better. If you’re gear sucks, you probably just need upgrades from non-heroics (or even PvP epics to replace your worst gear).

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    There really isn't a "chart" of the dps for the different heroics. So much is dependent on your rotation, gear choices, gem choices, etc.

    Elitist Jerks will help you improve your rotation, if you go to the right article and read the first post in that article. If you are thinking of what the "minimum" dps level is for a specific heroic, that all depends on the group you have. A good healer and good tank can deal with lower dps than a new tank and a healer that is just barely capable of that instance.

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