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ok so i play guitar (electric) and i suck at tapping and tips ?


the genre i most play is maybe metal hard rock and thrash

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  • Saul
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    1 decade ago
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    Tapping is a technique similar to sweep picking - it takes time to learn how to do it and do it correctly. No, it is not a technique you can pick up "in a few days" - not to do it correctly!

    And it truly is a technique - you have to be able to hit the string in a certain way, not too forceful, at an angle that promotes the note to sound but yet flow to the next note (kind of like a pull-off, actually). To do it and have it flow, takes time.

    Go on youtube, there are instructional videos there. The recommendation to check out the Troy Stetina (sp?) video is spot-on, he is a very knowledgeable and skilled guitarist.

    Start slow. Just like sweep-picking and learning how to accurately pick fast riffs, you must start slow. Practice to a metronome so you can keep your notes precise and in tempo, and slowly ratchet up the bpm when you are able to play the scale/riff/etc fluently... yes, this takes "longer" but it also means you'll end up doing it correctly, and not sound like some Guitar Hero wannabe hack, with flubbed notes, string noise, etc.

    Oh yeah, and proper tapping technique will mean that you shouldn't have to worry about muting! So if you're getting string noise, fret buzz, etc, then you aren't doing it right (the same as sweep picking, incidentally).

    One way to figure out if you're doing it correctly is to do it on an acoustic guitar. Yes, it will be quieter, but you'll hear quite clearly if your technique is solid or not. Just like pinch harmonics - if you can't do it on an acoustic guitar, you aren't doing it correctly!

    Good luck, and start practicing!


  • Karen
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    5 years ago

    Well if you don't mind any holiday stuff....Transiberian Orchestra is a great one to play to. Just thinking about it sounds cool. Or if you've ever heard of Electric Light Orchestra transcribing some of their stuff would be cool as well. You can play anything on electric guitar if you can transcribe music but those are the two of the top of my head for now.

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    Obviously you wont get the hang of it straight away, its pretty hard to begin tapping well. just keep practising tapping but really slowly and as you get more comfortable with it, make it faster, till it actually sounds nice and good :P

    Source(s): took me a few frustrating days to do it..
  • 1 decade ago

    Play something with actual melody.

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  • 1 decade ago

    go for "speed mechanics for lead guitar" by troy stetina

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    learn the drums

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