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What is the proper way to address a wedding invitation for an unmarried couple with two children?

Also, for the same scenario with the male being a doctor? Also, for married couples with 1 child and married couples with more than one child. There is no Inner Envelope, the children are under 18.

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    You address the outer envelope to everyone at the residence whom you are inviting.

    Example: Unmarried couple and children living at the same house

    Mr. John Doe and Dr. Jane Smith

    Joseph, Michael, and Jill Smith

    123 Any Street

    Some City, USA

    Example: Married couple with children

    Mr. and Mrs. James Smith

    Katherine, Frances, and Michelle

    433 Some Street

    Any City, USA

    If the couple does not live together, do not address your outside envelope to people who do not reside at the address! The proper way to handle that kind of situation is to simply put everyone's name on your response card.

    Example; Address for couple that does not live together (address the envelope to whomever lives at said address)

    Miss. Janet Smith

    58 Love Street Apt 6A

    That City, USA

    On the response card, fill in the names: Janet Smith and Jacob Gray

    Single person with guest:

    Mr. Marc Brown

    21 5th St

    What City, USA

    response card: known guest

    Marc Brown & Ann Green

    response card unknown guest:

    Marc Brown & ______________(leave blank for him to write in guest's name)

    It is considered the worst possible etiquette to write "and family" or "and guest" on an outer envelope or on the only envelope for an invitation!!!

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    From what I've gathered, if they are unmarried living at the same address, you should address the invitation with the sur names in alphabetical order. If they do not reside together you should still address it the same way but send it to the closest friends' address. If there are no inner envelopes then the child/children's names are listed underneath the adults. Same rule applies to the doctor's invitation.

    Ms. Ellen Lowe

    Dr. Steven Perez

    123 Town Street

    Hope this information is somewhat helpful. There are many different renditions of these rules available online.

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    One thing to remember is that the internet is full of people who just make stuff up. Some of what I've read about weddings makes my head spin. Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Family is fine for the parents and any kids under the age of 18. After that, they're supposed to get their own invites, even if they live at home. On the outer envelope for single people, it's best to cover this one on the rsvp card. (I assume you have one, along with a self addressed return envelope). You'd write in the person's name, and then put guest with a yes or no. And then total meals or something. There's lots of these online to get exact wording if you want. You'd also do this with "plus family". Even if they have 4 kids, it doesn't mean they'll bring them, or that all would come. You'll need a final guest count. This is how you get it. And Ms is fine.

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    I'll assume you're inviting the children.

    Mr. Don Jones and Ms. Sarah Smith

    Mr. Jared Smith and Mr. Ethan Smith

    123 Their Street

    Hometown USA ZIP

    Dr. Don Jones and Ms. Sarah Smith

    Mr. Don Jones and Dr. Sarah Smith

    Dr. Don Jones and Dr. Sarah Smith

    For whatever reason, it's polite to put the man's name first. Almost as though he's protecting the little lady. Oh well, that's how it is. When you send a note to a married couple, you address it Mr. and Mrs. Don Jones, and you start the note with Dear Sarah and Don.

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    The person who is closest to you (ie your friend)

    Mr. Joe Q. Public

    Ms. Jane Doe

    Titled person first

    Dr. Elisa Dolittle

    Mr. Joe Q. Public

    Titled married couple

    Dr. and Mr. Jane Q Public (or on 2 lines)

    just add the children by name on the next lines.

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    Ms M. Jones, Mr M Smith and family

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    To my friends with bastard children:

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    "last name" Residence...

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