I got remove order from Canada

I got remove order from Canada. left at 15 July.Can apply visa student to Canada study.

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    Depends. What is the nature of your removal order?

    Only 2 action will lead to a removal order to issue in CANADA

    1.) You committed a criminal offennce and the offence subject to removal order, either due to the seriousness of the crime or due to the social security concern...

    2.) You overstay or violate with your visa requirment. This include you work while imposed a do not work condition or your visa have been cancel/reject for whatever reason.

    If you were issued with a removal order due to clause 1. Then you cannot EVER set foot in Canada again, whatever reason you visit or whatever visa you apply.

    If you are removed under clause 2, then you will be subjected with a exclusion period. Until the exclusion period expired, you cannot apply any type of visa to Canada.

    If you were removed due to overstay and you lewft Canada within 28 days of your original visa expired, then you can still apply another visa immediately after your removal.

    Source(s): Canadian PR.
  • Gary
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    1 decade ago

    It depends on your nature of your removal order.

    In most of the cases, no because removal orders usually do not issue unless someone is in violation of the law.

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