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Charges and Electrons: Help Please?

Suppose that 0.63 g of hydrogen is separated into electrons and protons. Suppose also that the protons are placed at the Earth’s North PoleandtheelectronsareplacedattheSouth Pole.

The Coulomb constant is 8.98755 × 10^9N· m^2/C^2

and Avogadro’s number is 6.02214× 10^23mol^-1. What is the resulting compressional force on Earth? The radius of the Earth is 6.37× 10^6m. Answer in units of N.

What a diffucult qs, please help.

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    No.of atoms in 0.63 g of hydrogen =0.63x6.02214x10^23


    This is also equal to no. of protons and electrons.

    Force between them is

    F= 8.98755x10^9x(3.794x10^23x1.6x10^-19)^2/


    = 8.16x10^5 N

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    = 1.88x10^23 atoms

    Therefore the # of protons is equal to 1.88x10^23

    The Coulomb electrostatic force is given by:

    F = kN²e²/(2r)², where N is the # of protons and

    2r is the distance between earths' north/south poles

    F = (8.98755x10^9)(1.88x10^23)²(1.6x10^-19)² /



    F = 0.5x10^5 N

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    1st u find the no of h atoms in .63g

    for that 0.63/(6.02214x10^23)

    results gives no of h atom

    then you coulomb's law of force.

    where r=6.37x10^6

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