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Wolverine & The X-men Season 2? does anyone know if or when?

does anyone know if they're planning on doing a second season? going into the apocalypse stuff? I've already got the first 26 episodes ending with foresight prt my surprise this is a very well done show and I can't wait to see more.even though the title of the show is a slap in the face to the x-men,*cough*overexposure*cough,I still dig it.I don't get disney xd and can't find anything about a season 2,any info would be much appreciated.thanks.


I meant I don't get*

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    Well... I agree that it was actually a very well made up version of the X-men.

    The season 2 was already given a greenlight to continue. But their still on the process of creating it. It still has no definite date of release because it's not finished yet.

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