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i dont want this to end badly....?

ok so i really like this girl and one night me and her got a little frisky and she gave me head and we had sex. but on the way home i dropped my phone and it broke and i have no way to contact her now and i dont want it to seem like i just wanted some head plz help!

what should i do? shes never home when i go there and im not sure if her roomate tells her that i come by

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    Then if you know where she lives write her a letter addressed to her, it will be illigal for the roomante not to give her her mail. Or just one day wait for her like all day long.

    OR call your cellphone company, get your memory card and get her number from it or whatever...


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    Obviously just leave a note asking her to meet you somewhere at sometime so you could talk! Then you can go from there :P

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    Why you think its your fault, you don't have to think like that until you can contact or meet her and know she might be the one who was playing with you then left u !!

  • Just go to her room mate and give her your phone number so she'll give it to you and then she might call you but if that doesn't work just looker her phone number up in

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    does she have a myspace or something?

    maybe you should write her a note or something. just write a note and give it to her roommate to give to her.

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    say sorry

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