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Ok dems now Comrade bama has turned on some of you, how do you like it?

He wrote Pelosi and stated that in light of economic times, the 2.4% across the board raise for government employees will be reduced and if that doesn't help by Nov. 30 he will readjust locality pay as well. Now that is going straight into your pockets. How do you like him now?

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    I am sickened by how much people kiss Obama's tail. Is he paying you guys or are you guys really naive enough to think that he isn't a communist and even one guy thinks that he is a center-rightist. Seriously? Pass me what you are drinking.

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    He announced a 2% raise for Jan 2010, which amounts to perhaps $1350 a yr for the average Federal employee, and another $3850 for the average Congressman. Regardless, the average raise equals 11% of the annual income of the average Social Security recipient, and they don't get a raise.

    edit: wendy c, why should any Federal employee get a pay raise in a recession, when 10% of the workforce is unemployed. You make no sense.

    wendy, no disrespect intended, but my point is that I do blame Obama for even considering a raise.

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    This was predictable from the start. When you have a liberal who initially lied to the American people over the 95% who will get a tax cut, which is obviously B.S., when everyone knew that he was not going to extend the Bush tax cuts. Everyone’s pay will be effected by this, even those who make minimum wage.

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    Like most Obama supporters, I work for a private company. Government paychecks are meaningless to me.

    Reducing the yearly pay raise of government workers seems like a perfectly reasonable move in a recession.

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    How is he "turning on Democrats" ??

    Last time I looked, there was a recession, which translates into LOSS OF INCOME for the federal govt. When there is a reduction in income, expenditures have to be cut as well. I am not a govt employee. Govt employees include both parties.

    Due to the economy, social security already knows there will be no cola next year. Do I like it? no. Do I blame Obama, or think the recession is his fault? Nope.. not that stupid.

    Jerry, you seem to have misread what I said.

    I DON'T expect federal employees to get raises in a recession. That was my point.

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    Actually so called left wingers are anything but left wing. They take away freedom piece by piece. Take a look at the thugs in charge now. WOW!

  • Adam B states,

    Obama isn't a left winger. He's a center-rightist. He is basically doing what he promised to do, and the only ones who are pretending that this was some sort of shock to Democrats are the radical right imbeciles who believed their own propaganda. That's so, so sad.

    ................I almost fell out of my skin laughing I love a true believer and you people make fun of Christians...

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    I don't think that is a bad thing. We all have to make sacrifices for the good of our nation. We that love it and want it to suceed. So what is 2.4 is the only increase, that is better than not having a job. I have noticed that you are quiet good at Obama bashing. Shouldn't you try and do something positive with your own life. Maybe then you wouldn't be so quick to spread lies.

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    2.4% raise is pretty small. I can remember getting 3% and not noticing.

    (Too bad for gov workers--no more $787 billion bail outs. The Texas red-spine grasshoppers got more than Congress. Come to think of it--did Hamas get more than Congress?)

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    How do you like him now? We all know you never liked him because he is black... Right Bev? You know it's true Bev.

    Source(s): Racist Bev
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