Campus Clubs For "Freethinkers"?

I'm an undergraduate student at my university. There are five to ten Christian-based groups, three Jewish, two Muslim, one Buddhist, and one "Freethinking Asssociation" comprised of atheists, agnostics, etc - anything belonging under that umbrella of classification.

I was wondering if anyone here has gone to university and has had access to such a group (even if it was more of a philosophy discussion club!), and if so, how was it? If not, what are your thoughts concerning a campus club devoted to "freethinking"?

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    1 decade ago
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    I am going to start my junior year soon in an university and there is a "Freethinkers" group that any student can easily join. I'm not sure if your university has a similar group though. Good luck finding one.

    I'm also not a part of the group and I don't mind that there is a group such as theirs.

  • chasse
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    4 years ago

    an extremely sturdy question. i've got by no ability had any adventure with such communities, the two in severe college or college (born too quickly -- my terrific buddy went to MSU and replaced into outed with the aid of the campus secret police and saved from graduating along with his classification, later have been given his degree in the mail). i might wager that a minimum of they permit LGBT pupils be attentive to that they are actually not on my own and characteristic a shelter to return to in the event that they experience the want. I belong to a various style of help team, and it incredibly is a convenience to maximum of our individuals just to be attentive to that we exist and are here if necessary. I in many cases ask your self approximately PFLAG communities. i'm getting the impact that the dad and mom see the gang like others see "affliction of the week" help communities. They socialize, have coffee and cookies, champion gay rights, have fund raisers and picnics, distribute tips packets to the community -- yet they by no ability get around to admitting that their childrens are having intercourse up there of their bedrooms after college with others of an identical gender, that undeniable fact that brings them at the same time in the 1st place.

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    Sounds kinda fun. I wish they had one of those for highschool....well I guess I'll just join debate club.

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    Wow! a FREETHINKING camp??? Thats so amazing... ITS BEYOND "BELIEF"!!! lolzlmao XD

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