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Why am I so emotionless.......?

Nothing means anything to me anymore. I feel like If I died tomorrow it wouldn't matter to me, or anyone.

Hell, I even told my own sister I didn't love her, never mind like her and didn't feel the slightest bit guilty.

I didn't used to be like this, and I don't know why I've become so insensitive.

anybody have an idea as to why?

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    When we are young, we are usually told that whenever something bothers us, we need to not care about it. Like if a girl is not acting the way you want her to act, you say "forget about her". Sometimes it's a thing that bothers you. Like a school grade or new home or new school, neighbors or friends. Sometimes it's what your Mother and Father are doing.

    Being emotionless comes from spending too much time not caring about things and not communicating to loved ones when you are feeling down.

    Now that you are emotionless, you have to recognize that where you are is the result of decisions you've made. And that's ok. You did the best you could with what you were given.

    But instead of giving everything the cold shoulder, start trusting in the people you love, that they will try to help you deal with the deep pains buried under your fake smile. You need to put down that burden you've been carrying for so long.

    The emotionless people (I was one for 30 years), they are people who have too much emotion buried inside and no trust in anyone to tell it to. Not even himself.

    Once you get to that pain and start seeing the errors in your ways, and start forgiving yourself for all the bad that ever happened, you will start to gain self esteem. From that you learn about who you are, what you are, what you like, what you want. You will also know how to manage your mind much better so that you never bury depression or negative things inside you again.

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    I truthfully have purely in simple terms gained form emotions and stuff, i became an addict I labored difficult i became like a robotic, I didnt even cry at funerals, that's difficult you become different people think of you're sturdy a survivor, i think of it became greater the alternative I truthfully have ended up with psychological well being themes like i became the form of robotic and yet i might have loopy reactions now and returned, yet i'm not probably used to emotions that's difficult to precise you ought to be happy with your emotions it makes you greater human yet asserting that makes me % up that little bit greater, each and everything occurs for a reason and you could not rather make your self without emotions in simple terms as you carnt make your self with them it in simple terms occurs

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    you definitely sound depressed. i wonder if you can find somebody you trust to talk to about it. i'd also guess you've had some painful emotional trauma that caused you to just shut down so as not to feel the pain. can you remember what was going on in your life when these feelings first started?

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    i feel like u just described

    i think u do have emotions but dont really realise that u do

    i prob dnt mke sense but its hard to explain

    i looked it up on the internet and found a reasonably good explanation

    its called Alex....... (sorry if ur names alex) i cant remeber the rest of it

    maybe because of some trauma you think your over but arent really over it

    same thing happen to me

    sorry if i dnt mke much sense

    :) your normal

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  • Anonymous
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    Because you have no SOUL.

    You need to go to church... feel the inspiration.

    *watch the movie, "Soul Man"

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    Ah, you're just emotionally numb. You're more normal than you think.

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    dont be an emo pussy bro

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