im known as a whore? (ten points)?

im a junior female.

and i go to a school and dont get many schools at the school, so when i try to find guys i find guys from another school.

the only problem is, i dated about four guys from the same school,, and got about five more to like me.

alot of people know my name since i "get around" the school and flirt with all the guys there..

is it okay to flirt with guys that i dont go to school with? why am i known as a whore i didnt have sex with them jus dated and kissed

advice plz

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    You are not a whore. (It would be ok if you had sex, anyway, It's your right.)

    Unhappy people look for excuses to hurt others. "Whore" is easily applied to any girl or woman. Same with "sl*t", "b!mbo", "feminatzi", or "!diot". (I'm sorry to say that these are considered standard for all women.)

    Try to ignore them. They are miserable too. They want you to feel bad so they can feel superior. It's wrong for them to do this to you, but if you can hold your self worth, and confidence, you will eventually, be respected for it. Remember, YOUR feelings about yourself, will effect your whole future. THEIR "feelings" about you, will effect high school--and that's it.

    Ironically: After high school, many of them really will turn to prostitution.

    Youv'e done nothing wrong, this is their problem.

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    Assuming that your age is 15, you should not be so keen for all of this and guys, 1 is okey but go for number that i have 5-6-7-8.Beacuse of people around come with a notion that you are like this.

    Whore never meants the one who do sex with different poeple, its all about different number of male, no matter what you do for(specifically for flirting purpose)

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