Why would god reward ignorance? think you know evolution? (round 2)?

2nd time im asking this due to the dismal failure of responses i had received from christians.


some basic facts i hope that you know

1. a species doesnt suddenly leap from cat to dinosaur, what you believe is a form of evolution is actually something only found in fables ie. religious texts.

2. evolutionists is an incorrect term, darwinists is a term used wrongly, i suggest you wiki both.

3. Darwin isnt the monster who was sleeping with the devil in homosexual intimicies since day one. he was originally a supporter of intelligent design and a creationist who believed in the literal bible and on his quest to prove intelligent design, he came upon the theory of evolution through natural selection, his student guy, wallace is forgotten, but he too came up with the idea, just goes to show, you cant stop science nor rational thought.

4. Evolution does not explain abiogenesis, just as the theory of gravity doesnt explain the origins of gravity. evolution merely describes how so many species came to be on earth.

5. A theory doesnt make it any less worthy. in scientific talk, a theory is worth more then fact, it is used to EXPLAIN facts. it isnt some random rambling and the fact that the theory of evolution still stands is testament to this. it survived through the large spike in knowledge of fossils, it survived the large spike in knowledge of genetics.. a theory can be challenged when new evidence or knowledge contradicts it. this is not the case, just today it is some random rantings of AIG or some other group.

6. Intelligent design is not a substitute of Evolution nor should it ever be considered to be in its current form.

it involves NO scientific method.

it involves NO peer reviewed scientifically published artical.

it relies on a handful of people with deeper motives and namely 1. count it, 1 simulation from Behe as proof.

it also is based off the argument from ignorance which is a logical fallacy. so the notion of even teaching it in schools as science is to stunt human IQ.

7. why would god reward ignorance?

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RE: Jeanmarie

what if that same environment was replicated in nature purely by chance, enzymes naturally form proteins by random chance, you should know this.

furthermore, there have been experiments where E Coli was "forced" to catalyze citrate over a 20 year long experiment, this trait is not found in wild E. Coli and has come from random mutation at roughly generation 20 000. what you stated WASNT intelligent design, it was merely an experiment showing enzymes form proteins just as burning O2 forms CO2, claiming that we put the ingredients there doesnt mean that an intelligent designer was needed.


this goes through the mathematics of purely random formation of proteins. namely lipids which are the membrane forming proteins in organisms.

From: 16 year old atheist and google + previous bookmarked pages


Yes, this is a challenge. bring it on, i will reply (through additional details) to all answers that are worth replying. hopefully posting this 6 hours earlier gets a better bunch of christians.


Greg, a theory is used to explain evidence, evidence namely being results from experiments. this evidence can somewhat be loosely regarded as fact. a theory explains why such results come about.

Update 2:

perhaps i am trolling, even so, why would god reward ignorance? scientific method is the best thing humans have devised to cut through ignorance and, quite frankly, stupid. it is consistant, peer reviewed and based on empirical evidence.

my question boiled down is why would god reward ignorance? some people firmly believe that faith is all that is needed but why reward ignorance? its number 7. a repeat of the main question. i thought it was clear enough, but apparently it wasnt. i understand some christians reject notions of evolution or things like "humans arent awesome and special" "our solar system is one of billions of trillions of others." why would god reward such ignorance under the notion of faith?. seems somewhat belittling to encourage humans to not grow or expand knowledge.

Update 3:

RE: Hayley

you are exactly the kind of person i am directing my question at, everything you spoke of was arrogance in ignorance.

i respond to this message hoping that the next person isnt as stupid or thoughtless. read what i wrote, evolution has nothing to do with the big bang theory, nor abiogenesis (beginning of life). it is merely a theory describing how all species have come about. i wrote how darwin wasnt the ONLY one with the idea, if he rejects it after saying it... too bad, it is a theory and it requires facts and evidence NOT opinion to knock it down.

the big bang was defined by physics albeit physics different to the physics we see today.

there is a greater purpose then to be a zombie for a chance to live with a most likely non existent creator

a theory has been proven, by facts and evidence at the time. its like germ theory and theory of gravity. the way to make a theory an opinion is with contradicting evidence

i dont even think poes law works with you.

Update 4:

RE: sanallsave

pfft, so much for free will

your god purposely created 5/6 of earths population to burn in hell for all eternity?

//The reason one person believes and another person does not is that one person has been adopted by God and the other has not.//

you are delusional. is that good enough for you? is the thought that god willingly chooses and shows prejudice when condemning billions if not trillions in the long run to eternal suffering? good bye.

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  • JayJay
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    This sounds just like a question that a 16-year-old-atheist-troll would put together. Mostly it's just a lot of pointless blather that has nothing to do with anything. Can you distill your speech down to a simple question? Or are you just trying to get people stirred up?

    FWIW, there's nothing in the Bible about creationism, intelligent design, evolution, or monkeys going to college. Unless you're a troll seeing monkeys behind every burning bush!

  • 1 decade ago

    I'm a Christian and I have to agree with you on your hypothesis concerning Science and Evolution. I have researched the subject of Evolution myself, and it [Evolution] is still occurring to this very day.

    Although I believe that God created Evolution to continue on the chain of life, Science does not either, disagree nor agree, that there is a God , as the proof is not there, either way. I find that most people believers or non-believers in God, do not even have a remote inkling of a clue of what Evolution is about. You have covered or summarized the topic quite well however, brief. I.D. [intelligent design] is not a true Science, as you have well stated, supporting the statements of many Christian Scientists, who point out, that although ID may at first SEEMS to be a plausible approach, it is dependent upon an unstable "God of the Gaps" theoretical foundation. This topic, of course, is for another time. Well done there, Mr. ducky !

  • 1 decade ago

    I agree, only people who know nothing about evolution at all could stand completely against it. "God" "rewards" ignorance because the people who crafted the religion in order to control the masses want us to be stupid and uneducated. They want us all to believe what we are told instead of looking to scientific facts and evidence to shape our reality. Thinking for ourselves is out of the question. Simple as that.

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  • 1 decade ago

    bah. yes i'm replacing this. i'm quite ashamed in the way it was received Dx

    i'm sorry if it sounded ignorant/arrogant. it really wasn't supposed to be like that. i mean, i did give my opinion but it wasn't hard out? definitely didn't deny evolution either.

    i really did end up reading your post before i posted, by the way.

    and i know that the big bang theory is different from evolution. that's why i said it was off topic. meaning, not on the same topic. and that you didn't have to reply to it.

    and for additional information, i have quite a wide knowledge of evolution since i am studying and have studied it for a while.

    however i am ignorant about not knowing what poe's law is.. '-'

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Clearly faith is now all that is needed, and no, I cannot speak for God, whether he forgive igorance or not.

    But I can point you in another direction - slightly away from your thoughts on science. I wonder if this will make any sense to you.


    Fortunately, God does not leave us to wonder about the issues in your statement. issues.

    “But you do not believe because you are not of My sheep.”


    The reason some people believe is that they belong to God. They were chosen for salvation, not based on the fact that they would one day believe, but because God chose them for “adoption as sons in Christ Jesus” before they ever existed. The reason one person believes and another person does not is that one person has been adopted by God and the other has not. The truth is that the word foreknew of God's knowing the future.

    Faith - describes a predetermined relationship in the knowledge of God, whereby God brings the salvation relationship into existence by decreeing it into existence ahead of time.

    The word "know" is sometimes used in the Bible to describe an intimate or personal relationship between a man and a woman. In a similar sense, before God ever created the heavens and earth, and a long time before we were ever born, God knew His elect in a personal way and chose them to be His sheep, not because they would someday follow Him but in order to guarantee that they would follow Him.

    His "knowing" them and choosing them is the reason they follow Him, not the other way around. The issue really is not whether or not God knows who will believe, but why some believe and others do not. The answer to that is God chooses to have mercy on some and others He leaves in their sinful rebellion.


    We know, because he chose us. In the meantime you will continue to whizz around this and other site, stating ignorance to faith. Whilst we'll just get on with loving God, in our faith.

    What is fallible is your need to proved God wrong, not christians.

    The following quote by John Murray is excellent in dealing with this issue: "Even if it were granted that ‘foreknew’ means the foresight of faith, the biblical doctrine of sovereign election is not thereby eliminated or disproven. For it is certainly true that God foresees faith; He foresees all that comes to pass. The question would then simply be: whence proceeds this faith, which God foresees? And the only biblical answer is that the faith which God foresees is the faith He himself creates (cf. John 3:3-8; 6:44, 45, 65; Eph. 2:8; Phil. 1:29; 2 Peter 1:2). Hence His eternal foresight of faith is preconditioned by His decree to generate this faith in those whom He foresees as believing."

    Source(s): www.gotquestions.org
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Great points. I wonder if any Christians will actually think about them...

    JayJay: There's a difference between Christianity and the bible, you know.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Whoa...Look at this. All the Christians bombed out when presented with irrefutable evidence lol. Goes a long way to say about religion, doesn't it?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    "why would god reward ignorance?"

    He likes people who take after him. Pi = 3, the earth is fixed,flat,square and supported on pillars. Bats are birds,looking at striped patterns cause striped offspring in livestock and rabbits chew their cud.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Prepare for the onslaught of fail



    I think your b.s. is just that.. BS

  • 1 decade ago

    "It (theory) is used to EXPLAIN facts"

    I'm sorry but that makes no sense.

    Last time I checked facts and observations were used to explain theories.

    And also, evolution doesn't disprove religion at all. So all of your typing doesn't mean ****.

    Which is true, I just like to get a reaction out of people :P

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