Cell Phone With Infinite Minutes To 2 Persons?

I have a friend who lives in a state next to mine and in their area they have no verizon service. We need a cell phone that is cheap where we can both talk to eachother an infinite amount of time at any time. Perferably cheap. Like how verizon has free verizon to verizon (so you could just get the cheapest verizon plan but still talk to eachother an infintie amount of time) is their a non verizon provider where I can do something like this?





Verizon has it if 2 people have verizon

I have a cell phone plan which is 50 dollars a month that gives me infinite calls everywhere to everyone from virgin mobile. but my friend needs a cheap cell phone less then 50 dollars a month they ONLY need to talk to me on the cell phone how can we make this possible?


I have every phone provider in my area they only have at&t to my knowledge can you please provide details on this 100 dollars a year for each of us that would allow us to talk infinitely.

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    1 decade ago
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    Whatever prepaid phone is available to both of you. AT&T is free to call other AT&T customers, but you have to refill the prepaid account. You can get a year for $100.

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