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What colleges might I be accepted?

I have an official GPA of 2.84

My rank is 223/584.

my SAT score is 1250 but I'm going to retake it soon.

Sports that I join is track and field, and cross country. (4 years)

Joined some clubs and volunteer in a local library.

What colleges that are UC or CSU might I be accepted in?

Please list names!!~!!~!~~!~


Thanks a lot.

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    I can tell you, from experience that Cal States are a lot easier to get into. I would suggest

    CSU Bakersfield


    Dominguez Hills




    and Monterey Bay.

    (Those were some I got into and they were quite easy)

    UC schools might be a little harder. But try UC RIverside. Theres also Santa Barbara, and maybe even Santa Cruz

    Source(s): UCSB student
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    You have a high chance in getting admitted to UC Riverside and UC Merced and all of the CSU's

    You may have to get lucky to get into UC Santa Cruz..

    You will most likely not get into UCDavis, Irvine, SB, LA well, you get my drift.

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