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need some answers!!!!?

i had thrush 3 years ago after that my discharge was never the same or the smell i was too embarrased to go to the doctor untill yesterday so im getting a pap smear and also another test done but she thinks it could bv, my partner and i have also been trying to conceive for over a year now and it is not working so i was wondering if anyone knew if bv causes infertility or if u can fall pregnant whilst having it because we have already had all these tests done to why we cant have children and everything seems fine.

i would appreciate no nasty comments thankyou!

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    What is "BV?" Bacterial vaginosis?

    If so, I have never heard of vaginosis causing infertility. Some times it takes people a long time to get pregnant.

    Go to the doctor and make sure that you are ok to have a baby. I'm sure it will happen eventually.

    Good luck.

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