Help Me, its boy problems.?

See, i like this guy who has this important exam this year.

We're not in the same school and year, He's one year older then me.

I've known him for quite sometime but only this year i get to know him better.I got his number , and im the one who's been calling him cuz he has no money in his phone.Im scared he thinks im desprate cuz i called him already 4 times since last month.

3 weeks once and something like that ,

is that desprate ?

Just now i called him and can i text him something cute.

Oh, and im quite afraid that i overused goog luck word cuz everytime i call him.Il say that .


oh, and im the one who's been calling him is because he has no money in his phone, to concentrate on his exam.

Im afraid he doesnt like me cuz he's the hot stuff at his school.

He's my uncle's neighbour.Sometime,its a lil weird cuz he comes back from school a lil later than me and i always stay at my uncles house waiting for him.When he comes home il just say heyy :) and not do anything else.

So, my question is : Am i too ddesprate ?

What should i say in the text ?

Should i text him ?

How long do i have to wait til i can text or call him again ?

And have any tips for me or advice?


Okay to be short, Its just i call and text him alot.Well not alot but im the one that has to call.

Cuz he cant , an improtant exam this year.

any advice or what should i do ?

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    1 decade ago
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    you know what... you sound just like me... if i like a guy i will call him and text him a lot... and i don't think there's any rule as to how much you do that... some people are just that way... and what i do is i make sure he knows that i like him... if he likes me back he's gonna do something about it... so just flirt with him a little and he'll get the point... unless he's really shy... that happened to me once... i just straight out asked him if he likes me... he said he does but he doesn't really date... but there are other guys out there so i tried not to worry to much about that.. so don't be afraid to let him know how you feel... once I told a guy i liked him and he didnt like me back... you don't always want to hear that...but you will always wonder and never know how to act around him if you don't take the chance... so go for it...

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    If you like a boy and want his attention, one thing grls should not do is to overplay their approach. If you want to meet him, ask to meet in a public place like the local library. If he agrees, fine. Use creative work to keep him when you meet face to face. If he says no or ignores your text, find another boy. A boy who does not like a girl does not like to be hassled by her. The same goes for girls who do not like to be bothered by boys they don't like.

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    I agree with MisSin!ing HIm. Get a Fu'cking editor dude.

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    sorry waaaaay to long for me to read

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