Are you against breathalyzers in cars?

Toyota apparently is working on putting breathalyzers in some of their new cars... apparently the device takes your picture and you have to blow to test your alcohol level, if your drunk it locks the ignition, and doesn't let you drive obviously.

i guess this would be a good idea for people who are repeat DUI offenders, and I mean repeat, like several times. Not that one time you got caught, but if you were caught 3 or more times I could see this.

Anyone else think its pretty messed up that everytime you get in the car you gotta blow? think about how many times you get in the car every day and go... everytime you turn it off next time back in you'll have to blow, even after a short period of time.... this is like 1984 stuff... seriously... if we allow that in every car this is no longer a free country.


i guess your missing my point here....

i dont drive drunk, which means if i have a breathalyzer in my car, i guess i have no worries right? not really...

why the hell should i have to blow into a tube everytime i try to start my car... like i said man , "1984"... if you've never read it you should, it was a pretty far fetched book years ago, and its becoming more and more realistic as time goes on.

Update 2:

AHH are you reading what i put?

toyota is going to put these into their new cars, it was a headline on yahoo! main page, look at it. im not talking about just for people arrested for DUI's... and if you could just turn it off then what the hell would be the point? jesus

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    if its in the car all ready i think it is wrong

    but if you get a DUI it should be required even for the first one here in Illinois

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    They aren't going to put them in every car, most people are responsible enough not to drive drunk. But on the other hand, I don't see why someone should have to wait until he got caught three times before a breathalyzer is installed. Once is enough, or at most two times. If you don't want them in your car, don't drive drunk.


    Yes, I've read 1984, and this bears little relation to that. I agree with you that it would be a nuisance if breathalyzers were installed in every car, but I disagree with you that that is going to happen. As I said, most people are responsible drivers, most people don't want breathalyzers in their cars, so guess what, it isn't going to happen.

    For the people who aren't responsible enough not to drive drunk though, the option is there though.


    OK, you did say some of their cars. But Toyota doesn't hold a monopoly on the car industry. If people don't want a breathalyzer, they'll just buy another car without one. And if they all have them, they'll just disable it or get someone else to disable the breathalyzer. The only way it can become a real problem is if the government steps and forces car owners to have a breathalyzer, but short of that I don't see the problem here.

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    I think it is an awesome invention.

    They don't use them in every car, only in cars belonging to repeat DWI offenders.

    They have already been used and are currently being used... I guess Toyota is jumping on the bandwagon, too.

    It's not like 1984... you are over-reacting. It's a great invention and helps keep DWI offenders on the straight and narrow.


    And IF Toyota is going to break the norm and put them in EVERY car, then don't buy a Toyota. Problem solved.


    PJfan10- the way the breathalyzer thing works is, you blow on it BEFORE you begin driving. If it detects alcohol, the car won't even start... that's the purpose of the breathalyzer: to PREVENT a DWI offender from driving in the first place.

    Source(s): I know someone whose DWI probation requires her to have one of those breathalyzer things in her car.. if she acquires a car while on probation.
  • They don't put them in every car. Only repeat DUI offenders. The already are using them in parts around the country. They have even found ways to prevent the driver form having a sober person blow into the device. I think they are fabulous and are going to save countless lives.

    Source(s): Mother hit by a drunk driver. She slipped 6 disks. 8 months later he was driving drunk again and hit and killed 8 year old twin girls. Isn't a breath test worth their lives?
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    I can't see them installing them in every car? can you imagine the extra cost to the car . . not needed right now while the car manufacturing companies are experiencing a downturn in sales.

    "1984"?? If you seen what I have seen with respect to the human (and property) destruction caused my impaired drivers, the dead teenagers, small children, ruined families, all because of a drunk driver that if they put these in the cars . . .I would not oppose it.

    35 year police officer, 21 years on highway patrol

  • dazio
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    The longer you wait, the greater functional your BAC does have a limited ring of certainty, notwithstanding it would additionally paintings against you. in case you in simple terms had some beers close mutually shrink than 0.5-hour in the past being stopped, then you definately ought to earnings from an early BAC attempt in the past the alcohol gets into your blood pass. interior the journey that your beers have been until now in the past being stopped, your BAC ought to desire to be shrink the longer you wait. In very very nearly all circumstances, the longer you ought to attend, the shrink your BAC ought to desire to be if it somewhat is been a minimum of a million hr pondering the actuality that your very final drink. Alcohol starts off coming down some million hr after your very final drink. it somewhat is a crap shoot. Which possibility do you commit to take?

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    Not true, people. First offense in Arizona is 1 year of Interlock device, 10 to 45 days in tent city and about $6000 in fines depending on your judge. I rarely drink and drive. If I do, it's after one or two drinks...which was the case when I got pulled over in Gilbert, AZ last August and blew a .089. I have to blow into a breathilizer to start my car, again after the first 5 minutes, and again randomly every 15 to 45 minutes. All the Interlock device does for me is cause my heart rate to speed up, I get pissed off, it goes off at the most inopportune times, it's embarassing, and it's almost caused me to get in several accidents. They actually tell you when you get one installed, to attempt to pull over every time it goes off. As most of you AZ residents know, that's nearly impossible on our freeways. It's also impossible since I have to drive all over this state, through the mountains and switchbacks for my job on a daily basis. You try and blow into an interlock device for 10 seconds while driving the curves on the beeline or the 17 at 70+ mph...not the safest idea.

    Moving here from Iowa, I have grown to hate this state and it's over-indulgent laws, enforced by the bloated head of our Sheriff. I witnessed our hypocritical Sheriff receiving a police escort after drinking what appeared to be several well drinks with dinner one evening. If we all had that luxury, that ****** wouldn't make any money. He's spent enough of our tax dollars alone on plastering his ugly face on all of the DUI vans and all over tent city. It will cost a pretty penny to replace all of that crap when we finally wise up and vote him out of office. As an Independent voter (more on the conservative side) I despise Arpaio's politics. It's more about getting TV time than law enforcement.

    As for breathilizers as a standard in new vehicles. Imagine this; a driver who gets a signal to blow in his/her interlock device while driving down the freeway, talking on his cell phone. Which hand is holding the steering wheel? Most drivers are too dumb to handle just a cell phone and drive. How many deaths will that ingenious step towards letting go of another freedom lead to? I for one would choose a drunk driver over that scenario any day.

    Also, folks. After over 10,000 driving related accidents in our country last year, there is still a higher percentage of sober driver related accidents than drunk driver accidents. Don't you think that yet another distracting apparatus in our vehicles will add to those incidents?

    Source(s): My research is my own experience after getting stopped for a DUI in August of 2008. Interlock devices are inaccurate and unsafe in my experience on the roadways of Arizona.
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    You could have them fitted with a switch that allows you to choose when you want to test your blood alcohol level. If you hadn't been drinking naturally you would have it switched off.

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    tell someone their 4 year old and wife are dead because of a drunk driver and ask the question again.

    Source(s): had that experience
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