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Rank these 5 tag teams(overall-mic skills,in-ring and drawing power), as you remember them(& state your age)?

Steiner Brothers

Harlem Heat

London & Kendrick

New Age Outlaws

Hollywood Blondes

me: 21

1) Steiners

2) New Age Outlaws

3) Harlem Heat

4) London/Kendrick

5) Hollywood Blondes(werent together long enough to be a big draw in WCW)

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    1) New Age Outlaws

    2) London/Kendrick

    3) Steiners

    4) Harlem Heat

    5) Hollywood Blondes


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    1) Steiner Brothers

    2) New Age Outlaws (Harlem were better in ring, but the Outlaws were a bigger draw and better on the mic so they get number 2)

    3) Harlem Heat

    4) London & Kendrick

    5) Hollywood Blondes


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    1) New Age Outlaws (possibly the best tag team mic skills of all time, huge drawing power especially when in DX, and they were good athletes and well trained)

    2) Hollywood Blondes (good technique in the ring and good mic skills)

    3) London & Kendrick (got the crowd involved and people always loved the underdogs)

    4) The Steiners (rough in the ring with little mic skills, especially rick)

    5) Harlem Heat (they weren't bad but stevie ray let them down too much, now booker t would have been able to carry him but he couldn't back then)

    I'm 26 and been watchking wrestling since i was 6.

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    Steiner bro's

    London& kendrick

    harlem heat

    new age outlaws

    hollywood blondes

    best ever tag team ....hulk hogan and junk yard dog....

    best wrestle ever ultimate warrior....

    38 female

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