Cyborg Keyboard and iTunes (or other music applications)?

I have a Cyborg Keyboard. Is there anyway to skip tracks on a music app while I'm on a different program? i.e. Itunes is not the currently selected/highlighted application and it's in the background and what's currently being selected/highlighted is...lets say WoW.

I am aware that Saitek Cyborg Keyboard has a PAUSE/PLAY, PREVIOUS, NEXT on the right side of the Volume area, but I can only seem to get it work if that music application is the one that's currently highlighted/selected


Thanks Andrew, but that application/addon doesn't seem to work well with Vista64 or perhaps the keyboard itself. Whenever I want it to assign it to an extra button on the keyboard (not part of the normal keyboard keys, but the media control area), it always tries to add a CTRL or a ALT key to go along with it. I want it to pause/play, skip, previous with a hit of a button since the CTRL or ALT button could be used for something else in the application I'm using

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