I lost my Media Player whe I was updating?

When I was updating my Media Player to Ver 11, after downloading I got the message that your XP is not Valid, that is not true when I got the computer the XP was installed in it, Now I lost my older version of Media Player, I can not play music at all. How can I get my old version MP back?

Thanks for your help.

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    Check if the preinstalled OS is really genuine.If no, then just download the version 9 or 10 of media player from www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsmedia/players.aspx.The file size of version 9 is 13MB while it is 12MB for version 10.These two don't require validation.You can also try WinAmp 5.56( 9MB: free version, 13MB:free version+bonus mp3) from www.winamp.com/player.The pro version costs $19.95.If yes, try to reinstall version 11 or try to install a true genuine OS instead if you're not sure.Or, restart your PC and start install.If none of these worked, get help from the Microsoft website's support page:support.microsoft.com.

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    If your XP was installed when the machine was bought, then the copy of XP is an OEM one. You do not own it. The people who set the machine own it and are allowed to sell working copies with machines.

    Do a system restore to get the system back how it was before the update.

    Type system restore in the XP help to bring up a wizard.

    select a date / time befoore the update was done

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    you should attempt restoring your workstation... earlier living house windows replace updates (?) it creates a restoration ingredient a million. bypass to start 2. style "restoration" in the seek field 3. click sytem restoration 4. stick to the instructions

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