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If I get into a fight? what should i do to not get charged if i win?

This kid said the next time i see him he was going to fight me? this is my first fight and i need tips on fighting and how to not get sued or charges pressed on me

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    What a retard. Hasselhoff won't even grant his picture to be used in my reply.

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    You shouldn't be looking to fight someone. Now that I have that out of the way - if you are looking to get into a fight, you should at least have some kind of experience. To look for a fight without any martial arts training is not very intelligent. And after you have trained and learned about defending yourself, I hope you realize that you really don't need to fight this guy.

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    There is always risk when you fight someone and literally hurt someone. This is a different era now. We are not in the past where you can just walk up to someone and kick his azz. Now you can get sued, and worse of all it will go to your record and it will show when you apply for a job or college. It is better if you can just avoid this stuff. It is just trouble. If you really want to fight him, invite him in the ring with boxing gloves rather than fight him in public. Good luck to your decision!

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    hahaahha, assuming that you picked the right catergory (boxing), im pretty sure that u cnt get sued if you win a fight!

    lol but im guessing that this is a real street or school fight. here are a few tips.

    -dnt go asking 4 a fight

    -dnt swing the first punch as if he swings the first punch then u cnt get in trouble

    -keep on guard until he hits u first so u can defend

    if you realli srs about the fight then if i were u id go watch the new movie "Fighting"

    its the awesomest movie and it is al about fighting

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    You wanna fight back?That's crazy, not being charged?Good luck, the only way I see that happening is if he attacks you first with people around and you throw a hook knocking him out rofl. And you wrote kid? if you are a kid tell the teacher

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    nice one jon.

    you better avoid him as much as possible. that's the only way to deal with this guy, but if the inevitable comes, do it defensively. never initate the fight, good luck.


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    Why not fight him in a boxing ring?

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    If you do, make sure it looks like self defence, wait till he swings first, HALF THE TIME THEY PUSSAY OUT!

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