Whats a good workout for softball?

I wanna be really strong for the next season and in good shape. But I want my work out to be simple and quick so it doesn't take up to much of my day. Preferably no running because I don't like my neighborhood to much and no bench pressing because I don't have one and I can't get to a gym. I have weights though.

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    If you have a backyard I would suggest running around there. But if not, lifting weights is very important for getting strong. The heavist weight you should use should be 10lb. Start off with 5lb. and lift that about 10 times for 3 reps 4 days a week. Increase everyother week with the weights, like if you have a 6,7,or 8. Then after 2 months do 10lb weights. 5 times for 3 reps. If you feel that is too easy you can do 5 times for 4 reps. Also if you have a folding chair if you do 30 times for 2 or 3 reps that works. If you don't understand what I mean, the bottom of the chair (the feet) when you fold it up there should be a straight thin bar at the bottom. You pick it up by that, and lift it up and down, not fast though. If you still don't get me email me at davidwright5fan@Yahoo.com

    Push Ups, Crunches, Sit Ups, and Wall Sits are great as well.

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    Try lifting weights to increase your arm strength, that should help throwing and batting.

    Unfortunately a large component of softball (as I'm sure you know) is running. God I hated the running. But there's no avoiding it, so if you do want to excel, you'll have to find a way to get out there and get your legs moving. Unfortunately squats and other leg muscle enhancing exercises won't give you the effect you want if your goal is to increase your speed. They'll just give you the muscle, no guarantee if it's the right ones...

    Good luck! Hit it out of the park!

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    go to all pro.

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