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teenage sex helppppp?

im 15 in osctober ill be 16 im dating a guy 2 years older then me hes really cute and he makes me feel so special but weve been dating for almost a month and ever since the first or second week he's been pushing us having sex so much and i am still a virgin and he pressures me and in his grade hs really popular and i dont know if he he has done it before but i assume so he never tells me i dont know if just wants to do it to help our relationship or i dont know he says im special and loves me and i believe him

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    Dont do it. All he is doing is telling you want you want to hear so he can hit the jackpot. Do NOT give yourself up.

    BTW.. if he loves you he wouldn't pressure you into anything.

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    no no no no !!!!!

    I'm 14, but have been having sex since 13, I dont doubt that he cares for you, you two have been dating for a month so he has to have feelings for you, but I'm just saying, no offence I doubt you& him are gonna be going out for years or anything and you really dont wanna lose your verginity to a guy you dont even know if he's had sex with before. Get to know him way better. if you do decide to do it just be really careful, and be prepared for alot of emotions you didn't know you had, sex is so complicated and I dont think your ready, I know I wasnt.

    Good Luck :]

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    slow down

    there is no rush after a month, you may end up as a notch on his bed post if he has been pressurising you from the first week

    don't be pushed into it you will be ready when your ready


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    You already know the answer to this. You know it's wrong, but you sooo want to do it, and now you are looking to total strangers for advice. Will it really matter what we say? O.K. then -- I say you aren't ready, so don't do it. He does not want to do it to "help" your relationship. He wants to do it because he wants to do it.

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    if you have doubts (which i reckon you do since you're asking the question) then I don't think you should. When you're totally ready you won't even need to think twice about'll want it for yourself and your other half. Maybe you should wait...

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