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Why did America vote for a national socialist muslim to be President?

Bush had his faults but he wasn't that bad, especially considering the idiot we have now.

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    Most were not concerned enough to do any research on who they were voting for. Many of us were yelling loudly in here and elsewhere what they could expect, now they are beginning to see it.

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    First, if you read MEIN KAMPF, or any of the literature on the subject, including that of the scholars and witnesses and so on, you'll find out that "National Socialism" is a right wing philosophy all about white supremacy/aryan domination. So accusing Obama of being any part of it is prima facie evidence that you have no idea what your subject matter even is. Try reading Shirer, Bullock, Toland, Weeks, or Batchelor, or ANY authority on National Socialism.

    Second, Obama is not a Muslim. He has been exposed to Muslim culture in Indonesia, but that's the end of it. There is no rational proof to the contrary.

    How about this? Why do people ask questions in Yahoo Q/A embracing several fields about which they know NOTHING and are unwilling or unable to LEARN?

    Try reading some books, instead of listening to ignorant, vested interest shills and crackpots on sleaze radio and television. You won't learn ANYTHING listening to Limbaugh, O.K.? He's a propagandist and a massive LIAR, and so apparently is everyone else you have trusted to supply you with "information" on these subjects.

    I genuinely pity pathetic souls who have no knowledge and seem incapable of gathering any. This is even more so when I see no idea content, only hate and blathering, gutless stupidity and ignorance.

    Did you perhaps get this whispered in your ear by Larry Craig in a men's room stall?

    Source(s): Reality, where right wing neo-Nazi SCUM can't even imagine going, and where they wouldn't be welcome, anyway.
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    Is the space between your ears empty? My guess is yes. Why do you refuse to accept the FACT that POTUS is neither a Muslim nor a Nazi? Oh my G-d he's black, deal with it.

    Do you realize that you cheapen the historical lesson to be learned from the rise of national socialism by comparing policies which obviously have nothing to do with Nazism with Nazism?

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    In a observe: lack of expertise. seem on the explanation in the back of the housing failure: lack of expertise. the explanation different people lost lots money whilst the economic markets crashed: lack of expertise. basically difference this time is they think of they have somebody else to blame, Obama. I even have not considered a expert, a professor, expert nor any physique totally versed in politics and government declare Obama is a Commie or Socialist. you like an occasion of a Socialist American enterprise, seem on the nationwide soccer League.

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    I was having a chat with a conservative friend this afternoon, and we both agreed that the Democrats could have nominated Rush Limbaugh and the current Republican Party would still be so hopelessly partisan to find him as utterly unacceptable.

    In short, you don't hate Mr. Obama or his policies for any clear thought out reason. You simply hate.


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    Well, let's see. You don't know what a National Socialist is--that's a Nazi, a RIGHT WINGER, and no one sane disputes that. And you don't know anything about Islam, or who comprises that religion.

    Why are morons and schmucks and lowlifes like you asking questions?

    Simpleton! He's neither. And you--five, maybe? What a puke ball of ignorance!

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    finally a good question on here, the only reason i can think of is they fell for all this CHANGE bull crap. i have no idea why any rational thinking person would have voted for that man, i saw through him a year before the election, i am still in shock anyone actually voted for him , to me its a national disgrace,

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    First of all, Obama's not muslim. And you're saying Bush wasn't that bad? He literally destroyed this country I mean we're in this economy mess because of him in the first place. America voted for Obama because they obviously saw something in him. He's trying to bring change. You can't expect Obama to suddenly make everything better so quickly because this mess took 8 years to create and so, it's gonna take time to fix. Stop being racist.

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    Right that's what Obama is. And Bush was a fascist dictator Jew.

    Both of those make an equal amount of sense.

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    Obama isn't a Nazi or a Muslim. The people he surrounds himself with, and the things he says, do kinda make him -look- like a fascist or a communist if nothing else.

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    The "I hate GWB drum beat". It was the same when Dumbo Carter got in with nothing. It will be the same when he is out in 2012.

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