What's the average percentage of black blood for black americans?

I mean it's more like a button nose. I heard someone say we usually have 13% or more of something else, but I have way less.


I'm 14 and black and know by now pretty much ALL black americans are partly of another race. I'm 96% black. I have the wide nose(but it's not extremely flat as stereotyped, it's a moe like a button nose) and thick lips. I have really long soft hair and medium rown skin. came up with 96% because my great great grandmother was half native american and thats makes me only 4% native american. My grandmother told me her father had white cousins (but I don't know how much white he was).

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    1 decade ago
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    The average percentage of Black blood for Black Americans is somethin around 80%, but remember that it varies widely. In places like New Orleans its as low as 70%, while in places like Georgia and South Carolina it's as high as 95%.

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    1 decade ago

    Wtf? You do not know math. If your grandmother was half native american then you are like 1/8th Native. 1/8 is like 12.5%.

    I think the average black person is probably 70-80% black.

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    i heard 48% but it could be wrong

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    1 decade ago

    there is no average

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    1 decade ago

    WTF? Why would ANYONE need, want or have that information?

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