could i be pregnant or still too early to tell please more that 3 answers will help heaps please?

ok my last period was 11 th july today its 1st sep so my last period was ment to be aug 8 never came had slight spotting that's all next period i worked out to be due sep 3rd ish area ive had alot of pregnancy symptoms such as


nausea getting worse by the day no vomiting yet

sore boobs for like over a mth

sore back

sleepy alot



and have taken pregnancy test all neg so far im not stressed out and if i was i usually only miss period by a week or 2 at latest

do i sound like im pregnant im trying to get pregnant im 23 yo

will go back to docs this week sometime and request a blood test they wouldn't do one last time dunno why

also my dog has become alot more protective of me she has to lie over me on the couch all the time she follows me around the house 24/7 even sits at the door of the bathroom till i come out and sits/sleeps at the door of my bedroom at night ive herd dogs can tell if people are pregnant before we know could she be telling me i am or is that just a myth?

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ive had synmptoms for over 3 weeks

sore boobs, nausea, tiered all the time, spotting for 3 days now gone, no period, sore lower back, feel like im going to vomit was bad this morning but i didnt vomit, headaches ect

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    Those are pregnancy symptoms....ummm i actually had a similar situation it really depends on if your period is regular or period just came 2 weeks late and i had no idea why, i took 4 pregnancy test all negative i was considering going to the doctor by the end of the week but to my surprise my period came this morning...i would recommend you going to the doctor and talking to them about your situation at your stage, your hcg level should be high enough to detect your pregnancy on a home test...I've learned that you can also recieve those same symptoms by a change in your hormone levels...keep in mind you have a good number of symptoms just be sure to get checked at the doctors office...hope i helped

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    the dog thing is a myth

    you might be pregnant, those tests can be wrong, but what it sounds like is that you're stressed about either getting pregnant or being pregnant, and stress levels mess with your hormones which messes with your cycles.

    So, the most likely answer is that you missed a period due to stress and anxiety. But the nausea is suspicious, so I'd just take it easy, and if you miss your next period go into the doctor for a better quality pregnancy test and find out for sure.

    Good luck, and hopefully you are pregnant and have a beautiful baby!

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    It definitely sounds like you are pregnant, The test could have come from a bad batch & having the dr get a blood test done will confirm whether or not you are.

    You could have conceived 2 wks after your last period like I did with my third child, weird i know but it happens which could mean that the test couldn't pick it up as it was too early. You could always try again now as you could possibly be 4 weeks now.

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    actually, I do not know why the pregnancy test is negative! The symtoms is just like what my wife is having - sore boobs, nausea, tiered all the time

    Source(s): Wife is 2 mths plus pregnant
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    Sore boobs are usually the first sign for me. Ive had 5 babies. I think you are. If you did take a test that second line could have been so faint that you could barely see it.

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    Sounds like you could be pregnant but you do need to get a blood test and see a doctor because you shouldnt wait to long to see your GYNO for it..

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    so you took a test and still want us to answer you ...ok my opinion is that you are indeed pregnant about 2 months now ..congrats

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    sound like you are you have all the symtoms good luck

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