Should I open ps3 cafe shop?

I've been thinking about opening a ps3 cafe with around 30 consoles and on the other hand afraid of YLOD(so called Yellow Light Of Death)since i have to run them over 12 hours a day.So should i open it?.IF i should ,is there any particular advise for designing for my shop.

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    You shouldnt have a problem with YLOD if the room is at a good temperature and if the air is circulating well. Also if u give it some room around the console. Otherwise the YLOD rate is less than 1%.

    You shouldnt have a problem with it but maybe u could give em a break every 2 hours or so let them cool down. and it will prevent the YLOD.

    Well opening it or not is ur choice but make sure u get good headphones for the gamers and nice HDTVs to go with the consoles.

    I would suggest noise canceling head phones because they deliver the sound well and also will cut out the noise around em like people moving or talking and stuff.

    Just some suggestions the rest it ur choice since ur the one spending the money

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    Is there such thing as a ps3 cafe shop? Sounds like a interesting idea. I don't know if there is a need for a ps3 cafe shop but give it a try, however be prepared for any losses if any. It may be more prone to have a YLOD, however the newer ps3 slims are probably way less of a chance of getting it. Do you have a website?

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    i don't think u can do that because it says when u go to buy a ps3 that u are only allowed 2 per household i know u r opening a cafe shop but i think the same rule applies. i love the idea though check this link so u can see for yourself

    (notice how it says it next to each one under the prices)

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    Less then 1% of Ps3's get YLOD so GO FOR IT!!!! It would be so cool to go to a coffee shop with friends and PLAY LITTLEBIGPLANET!!!!!! lol get that game if u end up opening it. GOOD LUCK :D :D :D ;)

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