My GirlFriend Cheated?

Ok well, My gf who i really care about messed up; i left to carolina due to problems with me might going to jail...i promised her i would come back and i did. the last thing she said to me was "i promise i wont do anything"..well turns out when i come back from carolina she has danced on 2 guys at a party..doesnt seem bad to some but to me seems like kicking me while im down. she sometimes acts like it wasnt a big deal which really bothers me and i want to break up with her but then again i dont becuase i love her...what should i do?


P.s (i didnt run to avoid jail time; they judge gave me 2 choices and that was jail time or goin down south for a lil bit)

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    Well technically its not cheating. But i know how you feel I mean my bf talked to a gurl behind my back and i asked him many times if he did and he denied it but when i found out and told him he lied he thinks its not a big deal like cheating because he didn't do anything but somehow they hurts. Trust me if you feel like it was a major deal and you think u will b reminded about it all the time it is better to just leave things how they are and just go separate ways. Like me I bring it up every single day and i feel like its a big deal because trust was lost due to that and i cant believe they wont do something and I'm not sure if he loves me enough because if he did he would respect it. So it depends on how important you think this act is and due to this act what feelings are in jeopardy. No one could really tell u because u know how important things are to you and what you expected in your relationship so mayb people may think that this is stupid and u call it cheating but what matters is how you c it and yea well wish you luck =]]

    Also people tell you you should of faced the jail time how do you know she would of done soemthing worst i mean she couldnt wait a few days or how much it was imagine if it was longer so like i said go with what you feel is right.

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    Always listen to your gut, you know if it is a big deal. I'd sit her down and let her know that it bothers you. If she really loves you she will respond to the fact that she did something that you do not approve. Really, from a women's perspective it wasn't right but neither was you leaving instead of facing the jail time. My man is finishing up time right now and I'm waiting, it's not hard if you really love someone. I am not saying break up or stay together but see what she responds to and go with your gut. You have to also accept that you were not there and she didn't sleep with them or was kissing on them, just a dance.

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    This is a really hard thing to get over emotionally, well u don't get over it, it hurts and will always hurt but to a lesser degree as time goes on.You can forgive but you NEVER forget. The real issue is trust, if you want to stay with her all you can do is hand her your trust and what she does with it is up to have no control. Do you want to do that? If you do you take the consequences either way. And if you do you never,ever throw what she has done back in her face in a future fight. Honey the ball is in your court. Good luck darl.

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    listen. I know i would be pissed off too if my bf was dancing on girls too but look at it this way she didnt really cheat on you..Did she kiss the guy??..NO!!! because you would have mentioned it..yea just be pissed off for a while because who wouldnt but dont break up with her because of that. Give her another chance if the same situation happens again where you have to go outta state and she pulls that kind of ****. Then leave becuase obviously thats the first step of cheating.

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    She is right. It was not a big deal. You are not the center of the world. She may have dance with others too.

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    I know that was pretty messed up but it doesnt sound like its a big enough problem to break up with her. Just get some girls to give you a lap and call it even!

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    And why is this is the marriage and divorce section? So what your girlfriend had fun at a party.. guess what buddy you ran to avoid jail time.. I think your the loser who should be dumped in the relationship. Grow up and be a man

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    Id be angry if my guy got up on some chick but you left to not go to jail so its kinda your fault. I mean if you were gone for some other reason you could be mad but i think you should let it go.

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    Oh, lawd. She can't wait for you while you're going through other issues all the time, mayn. I mean, seriously. If you want to end it over a lame reason like that, go ahead.

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    What does that mean? She danced on two guys?

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