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good paying jobs that you do not need uni or tafe for?

i am in year 11 and i will be doing year 12 next year. after high school i dont want to go to uni or tafe as i think it will be a waste of time because after say 5 years of study i might not want to go into that work feild. so i was just woundering what jobs are out there which do not require tafe or uni but yet are still fairly good paying

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    go to your nearest community college and pick up a brochure! If you are interested in the medical field but don't want to spend all the time in school becoming a doctor, why not become an EMT or even stretch it to Paramedic!!

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    If you say that you might not want to go into that field of work that you've spend time studying for, then that indicates to me that you have not yet determined what field really interests you.

    Find out what would be a career that interests you now. It does not matter if you are still interested in it in five years. Get a qualification, any qualification that provides a skill. You can always change careers later, but at least you will have a skill that will be marketable.

    The reality is, that unless you are lucky and are able to establish a business that is hugely successful and therefore will pay you well, your chances of earning good money with no skills at all are practically nil. There is no easy way to riches. If there were, everybody would be taking it.

    Even a truck driver needs to attend a driving course to have the skills to drive a truck. It does not require TAFE or uni, but it does take a few weeks of learning. Truckies don't earn a lot, but enough to make a living.

    And the other question is, and most importantly, what IS a ' fairly good paying' job for you? Once you have answered that, you can start searching for a career.

    Don't worry about needing to change career paths later. I have done it. But you will do yourself the biggest favour by getting a qualification that you can fall back on until you have found something that you will enjoy in the long run.

    Bottom line is: get a qualification.

    Hope this helps.

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