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Please help me with my fiancee.....god any help appreciated?

ok been with my fiancee for over 2.5 years now and we do have our issues like all couples. But we did have a major fight in which he told me he wanted to make me happy but he is not responsible for my happiness. Ok that makes sense to me but he called me clingy and needy as well because when we work out of town I text can call him and hate spending time away. So long story short with all that being said he told me he came close to leaving me but he could not do it because he loves me to much to walk away. So for the past few days I have told him I love him maybe twice a day and I try to let him have all the space he needs. now the strange part, since we live together (after the fight) i looked at apartments and accidently left the tab open. he gave me 20 questions about it and was not happy, also he calls me now to tell me he loves me and just today he bought me some chocolates. what is wrong with him, first he says he almost left me because he is not happy then he turns around and does this/ What does that mean

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    He doesn't know what he wants.

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    Seems to me he loves you a lot and does not want the relationship to end but that he also wants you to be an independent and self sufficient woman.

    He sounds perfect.

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    Do somethn about ur clinginess. Trust me it will do wonders. Check out paige parkers website. It will help u out. Good luck.

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    I think he got a taste of what he deserves! He tried to have the upper hand and when he saw you were looking for places it scared him and put him back in line.

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    He's just scared to lose you. You've been together for quite some time, I'm sure that'd scare anyone to think they might lose the person they love.

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    seems as if he has gotten a taste of his own medicine, and my was it bitter!

    doesnt like it so much when the shoe is on the others foot huh!

    looks like it means that when reality hit him he dint like it and knows now that he does not want to be without u...

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