Bible Q? How do you eat an animal without draining it's blood? or How do you drain blood from a piece of meat?

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Why do modern people do this? Is it because it's not as messy?

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    It isn't possible to eat meat that is free from blood - blood is why meat is red, as the iron in the blood oxidises when exposed to air (similar essentially to rusting). Very fresh meat, or meat protected from air, is bluish-green (same colour as your veins) because the iron has not oxidised, but the blood is still present.

    Modern people do it for the same reason ancient people did I suspect - hung meat (meat that is butchered, then hung and left for most of the blood to drain) tastes better.

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    The question about eating meat and blood is quite simple. It is simply a matter of showing respect for blood by letting this flow out of the animal having been killed, as much as naturally flows. If when you then eat meats such as heart, I clean the cavities of blood nuggets remaining, and liver meat, I simple just wash the excess blood off the cuts of meat.

    However, be aware that God didn't tell us to not eat any blood remaining in meat. This is impossible to do. Thus he wanted us to show respect by following the custom of bleeding the newly killed animal and by not collecting the blood so as to eat blood pie, etc.

    In some countries, one has to be aware that it is the local custom to boil meat and globs of blood together. These globs of blood when boiled come to look like meat, but isn't. This must be avoided, though the meat in the pot may be eaten.

    From the above, it is also obvious that once you have done what you should to obey this edict, you can eat e.g. steak meat at Tartar if you like. The fact that you can see a little blood there is not a problem when the animal has been drained when killed.

    It is observing the symbol and showing respect for God's right that counts.

  • I'm no butcher, but to be kosher, meat must be drained in the sense that all blood must flow away from it, then salted and cleaned to remove the rest.

    Eating an animal's meat without draining the blood, therefore, is simple. Just don't clean the meat before cooking it.

    This was because bloody meat was used in pagan sacrifice. (Not to mention being pretty nasty!)

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    u do no longer drain the blood from products of meat. u carry close up the animal and decrease the throat and enable the blood drain out. if u wanna eat an animal without drainin the blood u can.

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    Butchers [meat processors] and hunters could tell you exactly how it is done.

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