Here's the story. I went out with a girl for 3 years, never had sex with her because that's not what it was about i really was in love with her. Anyways half way threw the relationship she moved to florida, so we had to do a long distance relationship. I went to visit her every summer. But I met another girl and i really liked her but i was going to see the girl in florida. I never told either of them that i was with another girl. I went to florida and they both found out. I came back and got back with the girl back home but then some drama happend and i left her and decided to stay in a long distance relationship with the girl i love. I recently visited her in florida and she screwed me over by cheating on me. I came back and tried to get back with the other girl that i left :) but she has a boyfriend and been with him for 5 months, and is also in a long distance relationship with him. We started hanging out and caught up on some stuff and came out with the truth about everything. Now she said she still has feelings for me and i do too but she doesn't want to go out with me because she said she doesn't want to have her boyfriend on her mind while she is with me. Now i still talk to her but i don't know if i should keep trying to get with her, or should i just be friends with her or should I completly stop talking to her??? I have pretty big feelings for this girl.

she also keeps flirting with me and leading me on. like we go out to places and drink and do all kinds of stuff and she acts like she likes me but has that limit.


another thing is that by starting talking and gainin feelings for this girl helped me get over the florida girl so quick and all of my habits and everything just transfered to this girl. for e.x. talking on the phone at night everyday

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  • 1 decade ago
    Favorite Answer sorry you made some wrong cross the line you made some big its time just to be friends .learn from your mistakes dont play games with peoples feeling.there will be others take your time do it right.

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