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Healthy Recipes for Diabetic Girl on diet?

My GF was diagnosed with "pre-diabetes" & is trying to eat healthy & eat less sugar and junk (im being forced to join her lol). she loves to cook so what r some: EASY, TASTY, and HEALTHY recipes for her?

is there an online cookbook or something?

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    Google "diabetic recipes" and you'll find tons of stuff.

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    Source(s): I Cured My Diabetes -
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    Source(s): My Diabetes Cured Completely :
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    Type 2 diabetes, usually referred to as adult onset, is when your body produces insulin but can not use it properly. This type can be treated successfully with the right diet and exercise in most circumstances. Read here

    If blood sugars are not kept under control at some point insulin will probably be integrated / oral medications are also available. People with diabetes can live long, happy lives but must be diligent in their care and make sure you see your endocrinologist on a regular basis.

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