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So you want proof that Muhammad didn't write the Qur'an?

Qur'an is Allah's words revealed to Muhammad through angel Jibril. This is what Qur'an says.

But since you not yet believe it, let's see logical proofs.

1. Muhammad is illiterate.

He cannot read nor write, therefore no one can accuse him of being the writer of Qur'an. If you do so, it's like accusing your father of giving birth to a child. Impossible.

2. Muhammad never claimed so.

He never claimed that Qur'an is his words. He said those are Allah's words. So you can't accuse something that a person claims never did.

If you do so, it's like accusing Barrack Obama as a muslim.

3. Muhammad recites the Qur'an for 22 years.

Whenever new verses are revealed, he immediately memorizes them and instructs the companions either to memorize or write down. Since he recites it, there is no 'editorial process', which means whatever being said cannot be taken back. Imagine the level of consistency that he has to maintain.

With over 600+ pages of verses over such long period, any mistake will be pointed out immediately by non-believers who are always denying him.

4. He didn't get any help.

Since he is the first Muslim, then nobody was there to help him. No-one was around him for the whole 22 years to assist him. Qur'an is in perfect Arabic language, so whoever taught him must be of Arabic mother-tongue with excellent knowledge in everything. So no proof of him getting outside help.

5. No, he didn't copy from Bible nor Torah.

Bible in arabic is non-existent at that time. In fact, he cannot read, no library, Internet or Y!A. In fact the content of Qur'an is obvious opposite with Bible, such as Jesus as God.

Many scientific mistakes in the Bible are not copied over, such as World's creation, Noah Ark, World is Flat etc. If he copied over, how does he know which one is wrong and not to copy?

6. The Qur'an says everything bad about satan, nothing good.

In fact, whenever someone reads and recite Qur'an, always start with "I seek refuge with Allah from Satan, the accursed".

A verse in Qur'an:

“Verily, Satan is an enemy to you, so treat him as an enemy. He only invites his adherents, that they may become companions of the Blazing Fire.” (35: 6)

7. He denies money, power, women and slaves to stop teaching Qur'an & Islam.

In fact, there were several attempts to kill him. When he died, he only had a small house with almost nothing valuable inside, despite being the leader of the country.

Clearly worldly benefits are not his objectives.

8. So who's words the Qur'an is?


I know there are kids who will curse here, so kids, please behave. I didn't curse your religion / god, whether it is Jesus Christ, YWYH, Buddha, YMCA, Money or Alcohol.



The scope here is to prove that Muhammad didn't write the Qur'an. Since your question is "Whether Qur'an is divine or not", you can find the answer by reading it, in Arabic if you can. So that you can feel the linguistic beauty and perfection.

Although I can answer for you, you won't believe me right away, don't you?

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    In the name of Allah,Most Gracious,Most Merciful,

    First of all i would like to appreciate your efforts to convey the message

    and you proved that Quran is the word of Allah and not the prophet Muhammad pbuh.I will try to elaborate you the valuable points,so that those viewers of this forum who are either ignorants or arrogants should reconsider their hate against Islam.

    1..Allah raised Muhammad pbuh in the middle of the desert of Arabia,who knew nothing what was happining out side Arabia and he traveled out of Makkah with his uncle twice for business trip.

    2..Why Allah kept him illitrate,so that nobody could claimed to be his tracher.

    3..Muhammad pbuh never saw the oceans,but there are verses about the oceans,from where he got the knowledge?

    4..Prophet Muhammad pbuh was the last and final messanger of Allah and the Quran was the final divine book of all divine books and Muslims believe that old and new testements were the divine books of Allah.

    5..Christians call mother Marry the mother of their god,but there is no verses or chapter about her,but in Quran there is complete chapter about her life and the birth of Jesus.Who gave the information to Muhammad pbuh about them?

    6..The verse about trinity was first mentioned in Quran not in the Bible.

    There are other references and the proofs that Quran is the word of Allah,but it is enough for those who have the faith in Lord of the universe.I request my Christians brothers and sisters to open your hearts and study Quran and the life of prophet Muhammad pbuh.One thing more i mention from Quran,it is written about Christians, there are Christian religious people,when you recite verses from Quran their eyes become full of tears.

    May Allah bless and guide us to the right path.Aameen

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    You have answered your own question.

    Allah sent the Angel Jabril to Prophet Muhammad pbuh, to reveal the new revelation and alhamdulillah the prophet memorized all Arabic words and told his close followers to write the very words of Allah (SWT). The Quran was completed in 22 years and the Quran is a book of repeat and a book of signs and warnings. Every muslim who reads it keeps reading it over and over again to remind him/her self, that past civilization such as the people of Nuh, Ad, Thamud, pharaoh etc were destroyed because Satan (Devil) over took them and misled them.

    The Prophet and his close companion establish the platform and foundation of Islam. This is called the five Pillar of Islam. Shahada (faith), Salah (pray five times a day), Zakah (helping the needy), Swam (fasting during Ramadan), and Hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca).

    A muslim must follow the five pillar of Islam and take other responsibilities parallel to please Allah.

    Peace my Brother

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    I'm likewise not trying to curse/belittle you or your beliefs, I apologize in advanced if any of what this made me think offends, but I feel an honest answer is important. Here's my take on your points in order:

    1: Prove it

    2: Just because someone says something doesn't make it true

    3: Consistently telling something that may or may not be true does not make it more true.

    4: Doing it without help doesn't make it divine.

    5: I don't care if its a copy of the Bible or not, either way it needs its own supporting evidence

    6: I don't believe in Satan either, unless you prove Satan.

    7: Just because someone tried to bribe/kill him to stop practicing Islam does not make Islam fact or divine

    8: Probably Mohammad's unless you can provide proof otherwise.

    Edit: Well really though, I just don't see how you can know for a fact he was illiterate. I suppose if you could prove that some of the rest would mean more.

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    sorry but i went through the same exact discussion more than thousand times .. muslims keep repeating those so called evidences although many of them were proven wrong .. or at least you can't prove they're 100% true

    first .. the whole islamic history were written by muslims themselves .. by founders of the islam and the islamic empire .. so you wont naturally expect they will mention any flaws or mistakes or bad qualities about muhammed or everything he said and done .. they will show him as an angel .. same as communist did whenever they wrote about lenin or somthin ..

    how can you prove he was illiterate ? would anyone risk mentioning he wasn't ??

    i secerly doubt it

    first he used to go and spend alot of time in the cave alone ( ghar heera'a ) ..

    no one would ever know what he was doing there .. if he met someone or did something how anyone would know ?

    he used to talk alot to warqa bin nawfal , and he was christian ..

    he actually got many sources to the bible and torah ..

    and hey .. he lived with Ali bin abi taleb for a long time .. for god sake .. Ali was one of the most brilliant indeviduals in language .. i doubt he didnt teach him anything ..

    beside .. writing the quraan at that time didnt need any writing skills ..he'd be able to have someone's help to set the basics .. he'd memorize them and say them infront of his folks who'd immediatly right them down ..

    the language of quraan isnt so brilliant comparing to arabic language skills at that time .. it was natural for someone like muhammad to be able to be in this level ..

    why would muhammed say he wrote it ? which is better to claim that he - a simple human being - wrote it down ? or to say it's gods true word - considering the many times quraan supported muhammed against any one who disagree with him - ?

    let's not forget about many historical methologies that were included in quraan and were exactly the same in bible and torah , and finally proven wrong ..

    for example .. the whole story of king suleiman and his great empire that was basically based on torah , and recently proven that there were no empire at all ( recent archeology studies .. i can mention many if needed ) ..

    let's not forget the many divisions of quraan that were lost ( for example the story aisha told about the goat who ate some of the quraan's pappers when muhammed was dying ) ..

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    While I watch Television I always feel like I will be doing something more effective

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    Reading a good booklet provides a richer experience and can leave you with stories that will last years. Television is merely educational if you are seeing a documentary or something similar

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    Retarded based on 1 Islamic ordained objection. Muhammed didn't write the Quran because Muhammed was illiterate.

    Try again, please.

    He also tried to peddle his 'prophecies' to the Jews at first, because they had a long history of God's prophets. They weighed and measured and found him wanting. So much for the pedophile warlord opportunist prophet who would rather kill those who disagreed and criticized him then engage them in discussion along Platonic rules. But then again, what would one expect from a 6th century thief?

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    some people have amazing memory retention.\

    The natives in North and South America had to memorize great tracts of what their chiefs told them, then run to the next settlement to tell it to the other chief. They were Not allowed to get one word wrong. If they did, they were punished/tortured or executed.

    Getting words right was important. The life of the tribe depended on it.

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    Scholars have also proved that a Matthew, Mark, Luke or John never wrote the gospels.

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    How can you post something riddled with grammar and spelling mistakes like that and have the balls to call someone illiterate?

    If you actually read the Qur'an, you'll see that there are a lot of old testament stories in it, and they're just retold with arab names. Have you actually done any research? Or do you get all your information from mass emails?

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