if fallout 3 is the future why does it look like the past?

it looks like the 1850's

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    The Vaults were created for people in the 1950's, and the people were herded into them. At the time the Vaults were probably the most technologically advanced things in the entire world, and spending THAT LONG in a Vault will open your mind to some pretty hardcore creativity and insight that's only limited by what's in the Vault; which was nothing short of -everything-. When the bombs fell time obviously stood still. Those that survived continued doing so in the only way that they could: using what little resources they had to get by. This included building futuristic weaponry out of robots and what they stole from other people. The Talon force, the people that are trying to kill you, have had years to develop their weapons and robots to keep you and other wastelanders at bay. They have bots roaming the wasteland to eliminate 'opposing forces', and that includes you.

    The Enclave also has been around for years, and John Henry Eden, the President of ((what's left of)) the United States is desperately trying to hold reign over the wasteland. He also has had the time to make bots and machines to try and keep his 'citizens' in line.

    If you notice, only the people and groups that have money and/or power have these expensive, shiny, futuristic things.

    If you actually play through the game you learn the answers to these questions. ;)

    Source(s): I've played the damn game.
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    For FPS video games i could recommend in getting The Orange field which incorporates a million/2 existence 2, a million/2 existence 2 Episode a million & 2, Portal, and a information superhighway FPS called group citadel. For RPG's i could recommend any in the dominion Hearts series, any in the merely authentic delusion series and Fallout 3.

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    the 1950s were full of people scared of "the bomb." Fallout 3 (also 2 and 1 for that matter) capitalize off of this "nostalgic" era because it's very unique.

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    It's an alternate timeline. If things had happened more like people worried about the cold war and the russian's using Nukes on us had imagined. A lot like the future in watchman.

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    1 decade ago

    Actually, it's the 1950's. And the reason why is, it takes place in an alternate history, where there was a nuclear war in the 50's that killed almost everyone and destroyed all the major cities. Everyone had to go underground into the vaults to survive the radiation and stuff.

    Many years later, people are venturing back up to the surface...that's why it looks like the past and there's all the 50's style music and pictures around and stuff...

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    Fallout is based on what people in the 1950's thought the futuer would look like.

    Heres a link to a timeline:


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    Wow, okay, there.

    It most definitely does not look like the 1850s at all.

    There are robots.

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    1 decade ago

    Because it's not the future. It's actually about 50 years in the past, in an alternate vision of the 1950's. Sorta like how the book 1984 portrays what some people thought the year 1984 would be like way back in the early 20th century.

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    there was a nuclear was in the past, but there were vaults underground with people who survived. you one of the survivers! yay for you! the world hasnt been rebult yet-hence the destructed old looking planet.

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    because the disaster took place in the 1920's *cars were not prevalent in the 1850s* when the bombs were dropped, progress stopped so the architecture and everything else halted, around 1920

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