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can i drop 80 lbs in 8 months if i eat 1200 calories a day and exercise 1hr a day on the elliptical machine?

im 21 years old female

195 lbs

and 5'3

do you think it's possible?

or am i not being logical here?

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    Yes it is possible, if you really stick to your routine you can really do it. Dont let other people tell you that you cant because that is not true. Anything is possible if you put your mind into it. Think positive and stick to your plan. I used to be 158 and now I am 114. It took me about 2 months to achieve that and it was really hard. At first it seems like you are being put through hel* but after you get past the first few weeks it will be a lot easier. Motivate yourself everyday to go work out even if you feel really tired. On the days that you feel your weakest that's when you have to fight your hardest.

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    in the journey that your a male which i'm assuming you're, 1200 energy an afternoon is a suitable commencing to start dropping weight yet is by way of no ability some thing you ought to stay at. i began off at 1200 energy an afternoon. as quickly as you paintings out 4-5 days each and every week for an outstanding quantity of time 2+ months and you initiate loosing that physique fat and gaining muscle, you will likely desire to devour 1500 minimum.

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    it might be possible with atkins but, with just 1200 calories your body might adjust to that after a few months and you'll plateau and have to keep dropping calories. I'd start out with like 1800 and drop them every few months from there and more importantly makes sure your eating the right foods.

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    Yah, know, I'd plan on 10 months. You won't be able to stick to 1200 calories every single day, and you wont want to exercise 1 hour every day.

    I would suggest getting more exercises that you actually like to do. That way, you'll want to do them and you can still do them in 10 months.

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    No it is certainly possible. But it is so much easier than said. It's the hardest thing ever to do,even if you think it isn't. To do that,you have to be commited. But yes,if you don't mess up somewhere along the way then you can get to your goal. Good luck :)

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    You can have one "Cheat Day" a week where you can eat what you want and not gain a single pound! it speeds up the metabolism and helps you to not crave stuff during the week i really recommend it

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